Equipment Many Restauranteurs Say They Cannot Operate Without

Restaurant kitchen showing equipment

Modern restaurants rely intensely on the right tools to optimize everyday business, whether a commercial ice cube maker or quality grills. But have you ever considered which equipment many say they simply cannot do without in a busy kitchen? Today, we investigate the most crucial equipment in commercial kitchens.

Commercial Ice-Making Machine

Commercial ice-making machines are easily among the most used appliances in the restaurant business and are certainly a crucial item. Every restaurant serves drinks, and there are few beverages you would serve without ice. However, there are many different ice-making machines, so which make the cut?

Here’s a list of features the ice machine should have:

  • Large ice bin capacity
  • High volume daily ice production, based on how much ice you think you would need on the hottest day.
  • Water filtration to make sure the ice cubes are clean and taste fresh.
    • Bonus points if you can easily access these water filtration units from the top or side of the machine for quick, effortless replacement.

Commercial Deep Fryers

Deep fryers are also staple pieces in most commercial kitchens. These machines can significantly speed up the turnaround times of meal preparation with a design that rapidly fries large volumes of food in cooking oil. Aside from allowing you to cook quickly, certain foods such as battered goods or French fries simply do not taste the same if not properly deep fried.

Here’s a list of features the deep fryer should have:

  • Durability that can handle the commercial demands of everyday use.
  • Energy-efficient settings if you use an electric deep fryer.
  • Easy access to all machine parts you need to clean after use.
  • High enough temperature range to suit your cooking requirements. Remember that gas deep fryers reach higher temperatures than their electric counterparts.


Commercial refrigeration is a no-brainer. Fridges keep your ingredients fresh, which allows you to keep your restaurant operational. You can’t run your business without fresh ingredients. Refrigeration comes in all shapes and sizes, making finding the ideal fit much more convenient.

Here’s a list of features the correct refrigeration should have:

  • Enough space to suit your kitchen’s requirements.
  • Energy-efficient design.
  • Digital thermostat for increased accuracy.
  • The correct number of shelves.
  • Insulation and defrosting capabilities.

Stoves and Ovens

Every restaurant needs a stove and an oven. These appliances allow you to cook and bake many different foods.

Here is a list of features your commercial stoves and ovens should have:

  • The ideal size to fit into your kitchen. If you lack space, consider a stove-oven combo.
  • Gas or convection models for better heating accuracy.
  • Suitable cooking capacity to meet your turnaround requirements.

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