Commercial Blast Chillers

Commercial blast chillers are a vital piece of equipment in the foodservice sector because of their reputation for quickly and safely bringing hot items down to a safe storage temperature. Because they stop bacteria from growing and keep prepared food fresh, these machines are essential to maintaining the safety and quality of perishable goods. They are essential in bustling bakeries, restaurants, and kitchens because they make it possible for chefs and other foodservice personnel to quickly chill huge amounts of food without sacrificing its flavor, texture, or nutritional content. Blast chillers also assist companies in minimizing food waste and following food safety laws, guaranteeing that patrons receive the best possible service in terms of both quality and safety.  Shop at our Restaurant Supply Online Store for a variety of Blast Chillers, and glass top chest freezers that suit your type of business.

Five Tray Blast Chiller 46672

CAD $6,198.00 OR $315/mo

Six Tray Blast Chiller 32-inch 46673

CAD $7,698.00 OR $391/mo

Ten Tray Blast Chiller 32-inch 46674

CAD $9,498.00 OR $482/mo

Three Tray Blast Chiller 24-inch 46671

CAD $5,398.00 OR $274/mo
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