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Hot plate

Consider This When Buying a Hot Plate

Hot plates give your restaurant a productivity boost during a dinner rush where you need food going out fast. They are perfect for making sides, sauces, and soups while your other burners are busy and are easy to stow away and store when you don’t need them. Anything you can cook on a stove, you can cook on a hot plate, and they make valuable additions to any commercial kitchen. Why Buy a Hot Plate for Your Restaurant? Investing in a countertop hot plate has many benefits for a commercial kitchen - it gives you an extra cooking surface that takes up very little space and is a versatile tool you can use to cook almost anything. Hot plates do not generate as much heat as a full oven range - another welcome feature in a busy restaurant kitchen. They are easy to clean, use, and store, and their portability means you
Colorful iced cocktails on the bar

What is The Best Commercial Ice Cube Machine for Cocktails?

No cocktail would be complete without a few sparkling ice cubes to finish the look and cool the drink. A commercial ice cube machine makes high-quality ice that lasts longer in drinks, making for better cocktails that you can often market for higher prices. The machine you choose will determine the shape, size, and quantity of ice, which may affect your drinks menu and how you run your bar. Choose an Ice Cube Machine That Makes the Right Ice Before buying an ice maker, you should consider the ice itself – various factors influence how ice behaves in cocktails and custom drinks, including: Clarity Many master mixologists only use clear ice - regular ice cubes often have air bubbles trapped in them that cause a cloudy appearance. Clear ice not only looks better but also melts slower than cloudy ice because of its dense composition. If you’re hoping to feature crystal clear cubes
Beef mince sfiha - Arabian opened meat pies

Heritage Cooking Trends

Preparing and sharing food is an integral part of every culture worldwide. Families often cook together and pass recipes down through generations of home cooks. As international travel becomes more convenient, more people are leaving their favourite local foods behind to pursue a life abroad. Heritage cooking can help people enjoy their childhood favourites from anywhere, and many restaurants are experimenting with nostalgic dishes on modern menus. What is Heritage Cooking? Heritage cooking is about embracing your roots and preparing traditional meals that remind you of your childhood. It highlights ingredient combinations and cooking techniques that “taste like home” - adding warm nostalgia to every bite. Many immigrant and first-generation chefs are known for heritage dishes that introduce foreign flavours to western regions - expanding people’s tastes and building acceptance and celebration of diverse food cultures. Reasons Behind the Heritage Cooking Trend in 2022 The health crisis of 2020 left many people feeling homesick,
Three sandwiches of different varieties

What’s in a Winning Sandwich?

Sandwiches have been gracing our lunch tables for centuries, and it’s hard to imagine life without them. Whether you’re making a simple deli BLT or a gourmet salmon stack, professional chefs follow a few basic rules to get the perfect sandwich. Investing in sandwich or pizza prep tables can make the job easier in commercial kitchens, and choosing the best local ingredients adds freshness and flavour. 4 Essential Sandwich Ingredients and How to Use Them Bread To make the perfect sandwich, choose high-quality, freshly baked bread that tastes as delicious on its own as it does with added toppings. Choose bread for its flavour and density - a thicker, sturdier bread like ciabatta or rye will support heavy toppings better than a fluffy white loaf. Bread can also add sweetness or saltiness to a sandwich to balance rich flavours, and toasting or grilling adds taste, dimension, and texture. Condiments There’s nothing worse than
Chef pouring french fries from deep fryer into metal bowl

The FED Customers Really Like Commercial Deep Fryers for Making Tasty Fried Food Faster

A commercial deep fryer makes serving fried food simple, helping you prepare perfectly golden chips, crispy chicken wings, and sugary beavertails and timbits every time. This kitchen appliance is a game changer that can speed up your meal preparation and workflow, getting customers their food faster without compromising on taste. Keep reading to find out just how deep fryers make commercial kitchen life easier and what to look out for when buying one for your restaurant. The Benefits of Getting a Deep Fryer for your Commercial Kitchen Fast cooking The heat transfer from a liquid (oil) to solid food is much faster than the heat transfer from hot air typically found in a convection oven or broiler. A deep fryer also cooks food at very high temperatures - about 350° to 375°F or 175° to 190°C, which also speeds up the cooking process. Tender food Commercial cooking appliances that use hot air can
Chef putting burger bun and meat patty on griddle

Burgers and Griddles – The Combination You Need?

All the juiciest smash burgers are made on flat top griddles - these commercial cooking appliances are the secret to making the perfect patty every time, and every burger restaurant should own one. A griddle is versatile and can keep up with a changing menu, making it the ideal investment for new restaurant owners hoping to expand. What is the Difference Between a Griddle and a Grill? A griddle has a smooth, flat cooking surface, while a grill has raised ridges and grooves that brown the food in the same pattern. Solid grills have thick iron or steel plates with ridges that collect fat and juices between them. Cooking chargrilled meals requires bar-type grills that position the food over open flames. 4 Reasons To Cook Burgers on a Griddle Build a tasty crust Griddle-cooked burgers have a signature crispy crust that seals in the flavour. Unlike grooved grills, griddles allow the entire patty to
Pizza Prep Table

Making Pizza Prep a Breeze

Pizza prep tables are essential for keeping up with the dinner rush without compromising quality. They help your chefs prepare food faster, keep toppings fresh, and get perfect pizzas on the table in record time. Here are some advantages of adding a pizza prep table to your commercial kitchen, how to choose one for your restaurant, and some maintenance tips to keep it running smoothly. 3 Ways a Pizza Prep Table Makes Your Kitchen More Efficient Faster pizza preparation A pizza prep table keeps all your pre-sliced toppings, grated cheese, and sauces within easy reach while preparing a pizza for the oven. Chefs can make even the most complicated customized orders within minutes, speeding up your overall workflow, reducing customer wait times, and improving their satisfaction with your service. A worktop designed for pizza size A pizza prep table is fit to purpose with a deep worktop that can accommodate multiple extra-large pizza
Salamander Broiler

The FED Customers Really Like Salamander Broilers for Their Simplicity, Ease of Use, Minimal Space Requirements, and Affordability

A salamander broiler is a commercial kitchen essential that can give almost any everyday dish a professional touch, adding culinary fireworks to even the most basic bistro menus. Thousands of chefs use salamander broilers to improve restaurant efficiency and ensure consistently well-made meals in a fast-paced kitchen. What is a Salamander Broiler, and How Does it Work? A salamander broiler is a standalone appliance that uses convection to blast heat over a dish, cooking it more rapidly than a traditional oven, broiler, or grill. Salamanders typically use ceramic elements, infrared energy, or a combination of both to distribute heat around the cooking chamber. You can place a salamander broiler on a countertop or mount it to a wall. What Can You Cook in a Salamander Broiler? Salamander broilers are known for versatility, and you can use them for cooking food from scratch or adding the finishing touches before plating the dish. Professional chefs use
Cube ice in ice making machine

What are the Differences Between an Air and Water-Cooled Large Ice Cube Machine?

Adding a commercial ice cube maker to your restaurant kitchen can help you prepare ice-cold drinks on demand and keep fresh food displays crisp all year round. Ice makers generate heat during the refrigeration process, and they need a cooling system to protect the machine from overheating and keep it running well. Here are the main differences between water-cooling and air-cooling systems for commercial ice machines and how to choose between the two. Air-Cooled vs Water-Cooled Commercial Ice Machines What is an Air-Cooled Ice Cube Maker? Air-cooled ice makers use internal fans and vents to pull air from the surrounding environment into the machine and over the refrigeration system. The air moves over the condenser coils and other refrigeration components, reducing the temperature in the machine and releasing warm air back into the atmosphere through various vents. Advantages of air-cooled ice makers Energy-efficient - many brands make Energy Star compliant large cube ice

What Commercial Kitchen Equipment Do I Need for a Food Truck?

Starting a food truck is an exciting venture that allows you to share your love for cooking with people on the move. Serving gourmet food from a restaurant on wheels delights travellers and residents with fresh local flavours, and people love food trucks for their convenience. Here is a list of the commercial kitchen equipment you will need to take your culinary passion to the streets. 6 Food Truck Equipment Essentials Range oven A commercial range is the heart of your mobile kitchen, where you can bake, boil, fry, sauté, and simmer anything from seafood to soups and sauces. Before buying a range for your food truck, consider how many burners you need - 4 burners are sufficient for most small kitchens. If you have limited space, you can always get a 2-burner range and add a countertop hot plate or pot stove for extra cooking capacity. Griddle Griddles are essential for making
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