Meat Processing Equipment

The core of the meat industry is commercial meat processing equipment, which delivers accuracy and efficiency to guarantee that every cut of meat satisfies the highest requirements for quality and safety. These specialized devices, which include meat slicers, grinders, stuffers, and tenderizers, are crucial in processing raw meat into a variety of dishes that are served in countless homes and restaurants. Commercial meat processing equipment not only increases production but also preserves the quality of meat products because it is built to last, keep things clean, and comply with strict industry rules. It makes it simple and consistent for butchers, processors, and chefs to produce specialty cuts, ground meats, sausages, and deli slices. If you’re in a butcher shop, a facility that processes meat, or a vibrant restaurant kitchen, this specialized meat equipment ensures the precision and quality that are essential in delivering safe and delicious meat products to consumers. Shop at our Restaurant Supply Online Store for a variety of bandsaws, meat grinders, meat slicers, and sausage stuffers that work best for your business.

Atosa PPG-22 Meat Grinder 1.5HP Motor 450 lbs/hr Capacity

CAD $2,198.00 OR $70.96/mo

Atosa PPSL-12 Meat Slicer 12" Compact Manual 1/3 HP

CAD $1,298.00

Atosa PPSL-14 Meat Slicer 14" Compact Manual 1/2 HP

CAD $2,098.00

Electric Meat Tenderizer with 0.5 HP 17847

CAD $1,098.00 OR $56/mo

Electric Meat Tenderizer With Circular Board 11059

CAD $8,998.00 OR $457/mo
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