Commercial Kitchen Foodservice Equipment

Commercial kitchen foodservice equipment is the cornerstone of any culinary operation, whether it be a bustling restaurant, institutional kitchen, or catering service. These durable, specialized tools are made to meet the exacting standards of professional food preparation and presentation. Chefs and kitchen staff can regularly prepare outstanding food thanks to equipment such as precision cooking ranges, high-capacity ovens, stainless steel worktables, and heavy-duty refrigerators and freezers. The cornerstone of our culinary expertise is our foodservice equipment, which ensures that every dish is made with precision and flair. It’s durable, functional, and made with commercial kitchens in mind. Purchase the tools your kitchen requires to be successful and elevate the quality of the food you prepare.

*Atosa ATHC-18P Bread Proofer Warmer Holding Cabinet 18 Pans

CAD $3,998.00 OR $228.32/mo

*Atosa MGF36F Undercounter Freezer 36" Wide

CAD $2,675.00 OR $131/mo

*Atosa MGF8402 48" Undercounter Fridge Cooler

CAD $2,347.00 OR $115.12/mo
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