Chef Bases

When you’re planning the layout for your kitchen, both equipment size and function play an important role in determining what to include in your kitchen. Chef Bases are designed for efficient and streamlined work stations. They are available with refrigerators or freezers to fit every need as you make the most out of your premium kitchen space. Designed to hold countertop equipment on top, Chef Bases house the food you are waiting to prepare right underneath. They are most often used to briefly store burgers, chicken, steak, and other products prior to cooking. It is worth noting that refrigerated chef bases are not recommended for long-term storage. They’re usually designated for cold storage of immediate use products for the cooking line. Shop at our Restaurant Supply Online Store for a variety of chef bases.

Atosa MGF8448 Chef Base 36" Refrigerated 2 Drawers

CAD $2,615.00 OR $132.74/mo

Atosa MGF8450 Chef Base 48" Refrigerated

CAD $2,648.00 OR $134.41/mo

Atosa MGF8451 Chef Base 52" Refrigerated

CAD $2,829.00 OR $143.60/mo

Atosa MGF8453 Chef Base 72" Refrigerated

CAD $3,836.00 OR $194.72/mo

Freight Damaged Atosa MGF8452 Chef Base 60" Extended Top with 52" Cabinet Refrigerated

CAD $2,600.00 OR $147.56/mo
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