Chest Freezers

A commercial Chest Freezer is a very compact piece of equipment. It has a solid top lid that opens like a chest. This style of freezer is very economical and has a lightweight design. It is commonly offered in a capacities from 7 to 16 cubic feet. These are very popular among their users because they consume less electricity and offer a convenient space to store extra supplies and groceries. If you are needing more frozen storage space, you need to check out our Restaurant Supply Online Store. You will find that you can choose from a variety of solid top chest freezers, and glass top chest freezers that suit your type of business.

Atosa MWF9007 Chest Freezer Solid Top 37" Wide

CAD $616.00

Atosa MWF9010 Chest Freezer Solid Top 40" Wide

CAD $848.00

Atosa MWF9016 Chest Freezer Solid Top 60" Wide

CAD $1,254.00
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