Food Processor

A commercial Food Processor is a multipurpose and efficient kitchen instrument that’s frequently used in restaurants, and other culinary institutions. These devices help chefs and kitchen personnel prepare materials for salads, garnishes, and other dishes by efficiently and consistently slicing a wide variety of vegetables. Commercial food processors are renowned for their toughness; they are usually made of stainless steel to resist frequent use. They provide a variety of blade alternatives to cut vegetables into slices of varied thicknesses so that they can be prepared to meet certain culinary needs. This technology improves the appearance and calibre of food while also drastically cutting down on preparation time and guaranteeing exact and consistent outcomes. For culinary experts seeking efficiency and accuracy in their operations, a commercial food processor is an indispensable piece of equipment. Whether it is for high-volume food preparation or maintaining uniformity in the kitchen, this is a must have for your foodservice business. Shop at our Restaurant Supply Online Store for a variety of Food Processors that work best for your kitchen.

Bowl Cutter 10QT 47191

CAD $2,698.00 OR $137/mo

Bowl Cutter 3.5QT 10832

CAD $1,598.00 OR $81/mo

Bowl Cutter 3QT 10830

CAD $1,198.00 OR $61/mo

Bowl Cutter 4QT 47261

CAD $2,198.00 OR $112/mo

Bowl Cutter 6QT 47269

CAD $2,298.00 OR $117/mo

Bowl Cutter 9QT 47083

CAD $3,298.00 OR $167/mo

Bowl Cutter Processor 2kW/ 2.68HP - 12L/12QT 47507

CAD $1,098.00 OR $56/mo

Bowl Processor 6L 23545

CAD $748.00 OR $38/mo

Bowl Processor 9L 23546

CAD $848.00 OR $43/mo

Elite Potato Peeler with 22 lbs. capacity 44184

CAD $4,298.00 OR $218/mo

Elite Potato Peeler with 40 lbs. capacity 44185

CAD $4,998.00 OR $254/mo

Elite Potato Peeler with 66 lbs. capacity 47055

CAD $6,998.00 OR $355/mo

Food Processor Bowl Cutter 15L 46215

CAD $19,998.00 OR $1015/mo

Food Processor with 1.5 HP Motor 44532

CAD $4,998.00 OR $254/mo

Heavy-Duty Food Processor with 0.7 HP Motor 10927

CAD $1,998.00 OR $101/mo

Light Duty Cheese Grater 0.75 HP 23991

CAD $1,398.00
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