Commercial Back Bar Coolers

In bars, restaurants, and other food service settings, commercial back bar coolers are essential appliances because they keep a variety of drinks cold and easily accessible. Usually located behind the bar area, these effective coolers offer handy storage for kegs of beer as well as canned and bottled drinks. They help maximize available bar space while keeping a constant, cooled temperature, thanks to their stylish and compact designs. To accommodate diverse bar settings, commercial back bar coolers are available in a range of sizes and configurations. Their sliding lids or glass doors make it simple for bartenders to find and retrieve drinks while also giving patrons an eye-catching display. Back bar coolers guarantee that every drink is served deliciously cold, whether it’s a range of craft beers, a variety of sodas, or chilled wine and spirits. This helps to create a positive and effective beverage service experience in the busy world of bars and restaurants.  Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from a variety of back bar coolers, and beer keg dispensers.

Atosa MBC65GR – 65″ Horizontal Bottle Cooler

CAD $2,610.00 OR $132/mo

Atosa MBC80GR – 80″ Horizontal Bottle Cooler

CAD $3,253.00 OR $165/mo
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