403-923-2270 Prices in Canadian Dollars
403-923-2270 Prices in Canadian Dollars
403-923-2270 Prices in Canadian Dollars

In the realm of commercial foodservice equipment and supplies, Gold Medal Food Equipment is a well-known brand. Gold Medal has been providing premium products to meet the demands of foodservice outlets such as movie theaters, snack bars, and concessionaires for more than 90 years. Gold Medal is known for its inventiveness and dependability, from popcorn makers that make the ideal movie-night delight to cotton candy makers that work magically at fairs and events. Beyond just producing high-quality goods, they also offer outstanding customer service and resources to support the growth of enterprises. Selecting Gold Medal means investing in more than just equipment—you’re investing in a great tradition and a collaborator in your culinary triumph.

Antique Deluxe 60 Special Popcorn Machine 2660GT

CAD $1,964.00 OR $100/mo

Art Deco Style Popcorn Machine 2660FG

CAD $2,131.00 OR $108/mo

Black Fun Pop 4-oz. Popcorn Machine 2404MD

CAD $1,068.00 OR $54/mo

BluBear® Ice Shaver 2747-00-000

CAD $3,719.00 OR $189/mo

Candy Apple LP Gas Stove 4110BG

CAD $1,898.00 OR $96/mo

Caramel Apple Topping Pre-Warmer 2219-00-000

CAD $898.00 OR $46/mo

Cheddar Tumbler/Coater (4 gal.) 2704-00-000

CAD $1,598.00 OR $81/mo

Chili Dog Warmer Dipper Large 2205

CAD $898.00 OR $46/mo

Churro Extruder Machine 9005

CAD $2,298.00 OR $115/mo

Churro Warmer Display Case Cabinet 5587C

CAD $1,498.00 OR $76/mo

Clearance Giant Waffle Cone Baker with Non-stick Coating & Electronic Control

CAD $1,498.00 OR $60.91/mo

Commercial 12" Servalot Chip Warmer 2186ST

CAD $698.00 OR $35/mo

Commercial 15" Servalot Chip Warmer 2185ST

CAD $798.00 OR $41/mo

Commercial Bag Cheese and Chili Pre-Warmer 2264

CAD $1,198.00 OR $69/mo

Commercial Bulk Nacho Warmer 5889-00-100

CAD $2,898.00 OR $147/mo

Commercial Chip 'n Cheese Combo Warmer 2206

CAD $1,998.00 OR $101/mo

Commercial Dual Cheese & Chili Dispenser 5301

CAD $1,698.00 OR $86/mo

Commercial Twin Nacho Cheese Warmer 4211

CAD $1,198.00 OR $61/mo

Deluxe Sno-Konette Ice Shaver 1002-00-000

CAD $1,998.00 OR $101/mo

Donut Deep Fryer 8049D Machine FW-9

CAD $2,198.00 OR $110/mo

Double-Batch Reddy Apple Cooker 4016

CAD $1,298.00 OR $66/mo
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