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Conti MC Ultima Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Two Group

CAD $19,998.00 OR $873/mo

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Conti MC Ultima Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Two Group Tall Cup in Stainless Steel & White


  • Configuration. Available in 2 and 3 Group, Tall Cup (140mm/5.50in)
  • Multi-Boiler Configuration. Separate steam boiler coupled with thermally insulated independent coffee boilers, all controlled by PID.
  • Pre-Heated Coffee Boiler Water. Incoming water is warmed via the steam boiler to ensure the adjustment made by the coffee boilers is kept to a minimum.
  • Individually Heated Group Heads. To ensure perfect temperature control on the final part of the extraction.
  • Soft Pre-Infusion. Replicates lever style groups and allows the coffee to ‘bloom’ without pump pressure or exhausting (wasting) the initial coffee water which is crucial to balanced espresso.
  • Independent Group Head Displays. Allows the barista instantaneous access to group temp, coffee boiler temp, dose and pre-infusion settings, perfect for the “Guest Espresso” scenario.
  • “Touch Screen” Main Display. Gives ultimate control over all machine settings and parameters; this is password protected to avoid unwanted changes being made.
  • USB Interface. Allows software updates to be made – ensuring the latest technology is available.
  • Shot & Volumetric Counters. Shown on each group display, allows the Barista to perfectly control each shot to ensure consistency.
  • Teflon-Lined Portafilters. Reduces coffee oil build-up to help maintain perfect flavour and speed up cleaning process.
  • Cool Touch, Non-Stick. Steam wands, make for safer use and easier to clean.
  • Retractable Cup Stands. Slide inside the machine when not in use, housing mirrored and angled to see espresso extraction with naked porta-filters.
  • Competition Showers and Baskets. Allows the barista to explore dose and grind size to optimize coffee flavour.
  • External Pump Option. Not only is the pump adjustable from the outside, we can transform the machine into ‘stealth mode’ by mounting the pump and motor externally on a custom-built anti-vibration platform.

The Conti MC Ultima espresso machine tall cup offers multi-boiler technology with an innovative pre-infusion system that holds infusion under pressure. Designed with the barista in mind, it has an ergonomic designs, lit working area, cool-touch steam wands and two hot water taps.

With individual coffee group boilers, the MC Ultima has taken temperature stability to the next level by pre-heating the coffee boiler water feed and also inserting a PID controlled heating cartridge within the group itself to perfectly “polish” the coffee temperature.

The MC Ultima is perfect for a high-volume environment with a wide selection of coffee types that requires multiple temperature requirements.


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WARRANTY – 1 Year Parts and 1 Year Labor
TOTAL POWER – 1900-6700 Watts
DIMENSIONS – 21.8″ x 35.3″ x 24.1″ (HWD)
PRODUCT WEIGHT – 189.6 lbs
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