Dough Former Pizza Shaping Machine 45356

CAD $10,998.00 OR $558/mo

Pizza Shaping Machine 45356 Features:

• The plates, as they are made out of adhesive proof aluminum, have fast heating times that, together with a reduction in the set temperature from 150/170°C to 130°C due to a special surface treatment, permit significant energy savings; this treatment makes it easy to slide the pizza disk.
• The high quality of the dough is maintained due to the lower temperature.
• Due to their particular structure, disks of dough can be obtained with a traditional edge.
• The distance between the plates ranges is 115 mm.
• The pressing time (from 0.1 to 1.5 sec) and the temperature (150°C-170°C) vary depending on the dough temperature (recommended between 6°C and 20°C).
• The dough thickness can be easily adjusted by rotating the handle located under the lower plate.
• If the protective grid is removed, make sure to reassemble it correctly for proper machine operation, otherwise it may not restart.
• The grid can be removed to make it easier and quicker to clean the plates after they have cooled down.

SHIPPING: Requires 7 to 10 Business Days

This pizza shaping machine is ideal for forming pizza dough. It can be easily used by non-specialized operators, and have a steel structure equipped with a ratio motor, cam, stop timer and plates. Ideal for restaurants and pizza shops.


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POWER: 8.10 kW
DOUGH WEIGHT: 551.15 – 1102.31 lbs. / 250 – 500 kg.
LOWER PLATE DIAMETER: 17.7″ / 450 mm
UPPER PLATE DIAMETER: 17.7″ / 450 mm
PLATES TEMPERATURE: 130°C – 170°C / 266°F – 338°F
ELECTRICAL: 230V / 60Hz / 1Ph
WEIGHT: 280 lbs. / 127 kg.
DIMENSIONS (LWH): 24.8″ x 26.4″ x 35″


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