Food display with salads and drinks

The Latest Innovations and Trends in the World of Food Display

Food is about so much more than taste. Over the last few decades, many more people have realized how important presentation and display are for food sales - especially now that self-service options are on the rise and more food service locations offer some ready-made or grab-and-go options. Finding the right commercial restaurant equipment to capitalize on these trends is important—but what does the public expect to see today? Trends change continually, but here's a look at the latest innovations in display that food service providers should consider when setting up their locations. Micro Markets Continue to Grow in Popularity More food service establishments are adopting increasing levels of self-service functionality. Micro market displays are an excellent example of this trend. These spaces include refrigerated display cases featuring food, beverages and sometimes even fresh products. The combination of all these options creates a micro market. The refrigerated cases provide many opportunities for creating
Commercial Kitchen Under counter Freezer with flour and pans on top

Maximize Efficiency Correctly with Your Under Counter Freezer

Under-counter freezers and similar commercial coolers provide bustling kitchens with many ways to optimize workflow. But with so many types of under-counter freezers available, how do you choose the right one, and even then, which steps do you take to make the most out of the device? Today we are looking into how these freezers can add tremendous quality of life to the workforce in the kitchen and how simple it is to gain maximum benefit from it. We will also add some further optimization tips and advise you on where you can buy the right freezer for your kitchen. Let’s dive right in. Fast Kitchen Optimization with Your Under-Counter Freezer As any owner of a restaurant or café knows, small efficiency increases add up and make for a much more functional kitchen at the end of the day. Something as simple as not having to walk to the other side of the kitchen
Various ice cream flavours in waffle cones

Finding the Ideal Waffle Cone Maker for Your Business

Ice cream is undoubtedly one of the world’s favorite treats, and for good reason. If you run an ice cream parlour or cafe, you will have seen first-hand how much people love this treat, and more than that, how specific they can get about how they prefer it. One of the ways people customize their ice cream eating experience is through their choice of cone, whether wafer, sugar, cake, or waffle cones. Today we are looking specifically at waffle cones and how easy it is to add this delicious option to your business. We aim to assist you with choosing the right waffle cone maker and provide options for where you can buy one. Before we begin, here are some quick reasons why waffle cones are a good serving choice: It adds a delightful crunch to the cone. A deliciously sugary option that goes incredibly well with ice cream. Easy to make
Delicious milkshakes in glasses

Commercial Milkshake and Slush Machines Bring Delight

Milkshakes and slushies have been around for decades and for a good reason. These delicious treats have proven an easy choice for many people worldwide. While milkshakes and slushies have not changed drastically, their dispensing options certainly have, as is evident with commercial milkshake machines. Today we’re looking into whether you could use a commercial milkshake machine or a commercial slush machine in your business. We will also investigate these machines’ functionality, your options for each, and where you can find them. The Right Places for Milkshake Machines and Slush Machines We’ll start with a milkshake machine. The most obvious use for this machine is if you plan to sell milkshakes. Whether in a convenience store, restaurant, or food truck, you can expect the best milkshakes. However, these machines can make more than just milkshakes, such as: Frozen margaritas Daiquiris Frozen lemonade Fruit smoothies Yoghurt smoothies As you can see, these machines are perfectly
Chef choosing raw seafood from commercial display fridge

Exploring the Latest in Commercial Refrigeration Trends

Since the introduction of commercial refrigeration systems, there has been growth in the technology and use cases, from energy-efficient options to smart fridges. While the primary purpose of refrigeration systems remains the same globally, it is only natural that new trends emerge alongside new technologies. Today we’re chatting about refrigeration features that have proven the most popular recently and whether they’re merely hype or worth the cost. The Top Trending Features for Commercial Fridges and Freezers Over the last decade, fridges and freezers have experienced substantial technological upgrades. While some upgrades are undoubtedly cosmetic, most prove incredibly practical. Here’s our list of the top trending features for fridges and freezers: 1. Precise Temperature Control You might think that fridges have always had temperature control, and to some extent, you would be correct. However, the latest fridges and freezers provide incredibly precise controls for temperature settings, whereas older models only have general intensity choices. For example,
Cube ice in ice making machine

Commercial Ice Cube Maker – Is it Worth Buying for Your Business

With so many establishments running through massive quantities of ice throughout the year, you’d be right to believe that buying a commercial ice cube maker is a no-brainer. While commercial and ordinary ice-making machines do the same job, there are differences to consider. So, if you’re wondering whether your business could benefit from a commercial ice maker, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re investigating the features and benefits you can expect from commercial ice makers so that you can decide whether it’s suitable for your establishment. The Main Things to Consider for a Commercial Ice Making Machine The first things we need to investigate are the main categories of concern regarding ice machines. Let’s discuss the three most common concerns of businesses that consider ice machines: Overall Cost Commercial ice machines come in a range of prices from $1000 to $10,000 and more. These price differences indicate that several alternatives are available, making
Hotel commercial kitchen depicting passage of time through motion blur of busy chefs

The Amazing Evolution of Food Service Equipment

Have you ever considered how much the demand for restaurants has influenced the growth of technology? Food service equipment is one of the branches of technology that developed primarily because people like us wanted somewhere to eat in public and food prepared by someone else. Today we are investigating some of the fantastic developments within the food equipment sector, and how far technology has come in helping to prepare meals. Commercial kitchen equipment is everywhere, from school cafeterias to fast food chains and fancy restaurants. The First Instances of Commercial Food Equipment While the first examples of something resembling restaurants only appeared in the 18th century, places resembling fast food drive-throughs were present as far back as the Greco-Roman world (332 BC - 395 AD). Thermopolia – which translates into ‘a place where something hot is sold’ – were pitstops where passers-by could grab a hot meal. The main examples of food equipment used
Atosa French Fry Robotic Deep Fryer

The Atosa Intelligent Restaurant Deep Fryer Changes the Game

Hailing from a renowned kitchen equipment manufacturer, the Atosa intelligent restaurant deep fryer brings new capabilities to any commercial kitchen. These intelligent fryers can meet heavy demand for various industries such as school cafeterias, restaurants, markets, or hotels. You might wonder whether getting such a fryer for your commercial kitchen is worth it, what difference it will make to your operations, and where to find one. Today, we’re looking into all the most important questions and answers. Let’s begin. Understanding the Requirements of Commercial Deep Fryers If you have used a commercial deep fryer, you already know there are certain things you can’t go without. Let’s consider some of the most crucial parts of these fryers. Effective Design The design of a commercial deep fryer plays a massive role in its effectiveness. Design aspects such as overall size are usually big since kitchens always work with limited space. Additionally, design choices such as where the buttons
Hot plate

Consider This When Buying a Hot Plate

Hot plates give your restaurant a productivity boost during a dinner rush where you need food going out fast. They are perfect for making sides, sauces, and soups while your other burners are busy and are easy to stow away and store when you don’t need them. Anything you can cook on a stove, you can cook on a hot plate, and they make valuable additions to any commercial kitchen. Why Buy a Hot Plate for Your Restaurant? Investing in a countertop hot plate has many benefits for a commercial kitchen - it gives you an extra cooking surface that takes up very little space and is a versatile tool you can use to cook almost anything. Hot plates do not generate as much heat as a full oven range - another welcome feature in a busy restaurant kitchen. They are easy to clean, use, and store, and their portability means you
Beef mince sfiha - Arabian opened meat pies

Heritage Cooking Trends

Preparing and sharing food is an integral part of every culture worldwide. Families often cook together and pass recipes down through generations of home cooks. As international travel becomes more convenient, more people are leaving their favourite local foods behind to pursue a life abroad. Heritage cooking can help people enjoy their childhood favourites from anywhere, and many restaurants are experimenting with nostalgic dishes on modern menus. What is Heritage Cooking? Heritage cooking is about embracing your roots and preparing traditional meals that remind you of your childhood. It highlights ingredient combinations and cooking techniques that “taste like home” - adding warm nostalgia to every bite. Many immigrant and first-generation chefs are known for heritage dishes that introduce foreign flavours to western regions - expanding people’s tastes and building acceptance and celebration of diverse food cultures. Reasons Behind the Heritage Cooking Trend in 2022 The health crisis of 2020 left many people feeling homesick,
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