Commercial Milkshake and Slush Machines Bring Delight

Delicious milkshakes in glasses

Milkshakes and slushies have been around for decades and for a good reason. These delicious treats have proven an easy choice for many people worldwide. While milkshakes and slushies have not changed drastically, their dispensing options certainly have, as is evident with commercial milkshake machines.

Today we’re looking into whether you could use a commercial milkshake machine or a commercial slush machine in your business. We will also investigate these machines’ functionality, your options for each, and where you can find them.

The Right Places for Milkshake Machines and Slush Machines

We’ll start with a milkshake machine. The most obvious use for this machine is if you plan to sell milkshakes. Whether in a convenience store, restaurant, or food truck, you can expect the best milkshakes. However, these machines can make more than just milkshakes, such as:

  • Frozen margaritas
  • Daiquiris
  • Frozen lemonade
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Yoghurt smoothies

As you can see, these machines are perfectly suited to places that want more than a single use case, from bars to healthy smoothie stands.

Up next, we have commercial slushie machines. These machines produce the slushies we all know and love; the cold, icy drinks that pack a deliciously fruity flavor. While these have fewer use cases than milkshake machines, they can produce delicious slushies and smoothies. Ideal for food trucks where you can combo a smoothie with a healthy meal or even a cinema where the cold slushie goes perfectly with some popcorn.

Choosing the Ideal Restaurant Milkshake Machine or Slush Machine

The right milkshake or commercial slush machine for your restaurant must do more than simply dispense the product. You ideally want a machine that:

  • Can dispense more than one type of product.
  • Has a fast refrigeration time for refills.
  • Comes with reliable warranties.
  • Meets durable manufacturing standards.
  • Has options for an additional flavour dispenser or a built-in blender.

The main reason this additional functionality proves useful is that your investment can then adapt to changes in your menu. Should you also decide to sell smoothies, your machine can accommodate the change.

Where to Buy a New Milkshake or Slushie Machine

At The FED, we stock a range of milkshake and slushie machines to meet specific business requirements. Whether you need a machine to dispense milkshakes or slushies, a machine with a built-in blender, or a two-flavour dispenser, we can help.

You can browse our selection of milkshake machines or slushie machines online and place your order for convenient delivery. Please remember that our slushie machines are not to be confused with juice dispensers, as those machines are strictly for juice and don’t handle slush.

If you have any questions about our products, please contact us and ask. Additional information is also available on the product page of each respective product. Order your milkshake or slushie machine now and get free delivery to most major cities in Canada.

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