Exploring the Latest in Commercial Refrigeration Trends

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Since the introduction of commercial refrigeration systems, there has been growth in the technology and use cases, from energy-efficient options to smart fridges. While the primary purpose of refrigeration systems remains the same globally, it is only natural that new trends emerge alongside new technologies.

Today we’re chatting about refrigeration features that have proven the most popular recently and whether they’re merely hype or worth the cost.

The Top Trending Features for Commercial Fridges and Freezers

Over the last decade, fridges and freezers have experienced substantial technological upgrades. While some upgrades are undoubtedly cosmetic, most prove incredibly practical. Here’s our list of the top trending features for fridges and freezers:

1. Precise Temperature Control

You might think that fridges have always had temperature control, and to some extent, you would be correct. However, the latest fridges and freezers provide incredibly precise controls for temperature settings, whereas older models only have general intensity choices. For example, an older fridge likely only has a dial numbered one through five. It doesn’t quite tell you how cold the fridge will be, only that one setting is more intense.

Precise controls let you decide to the degree on which temperature setting your fridges and freezers should remain. This option is ideal for many places, from bars that aim to keep their drinks at perfect drinking temperatures to restaurants that need certain ingredients ready to go.

2. Eco-Friendly Refrigerants

Whether for a commercial display fridge or large freezer, eco-friendly refrigerants have become increasingly popular. Given how many industries rely on refrigeration systems, many manufacturers are moving away from older models that use HFC (hydrofluorocarbon). There is an increasing demand for refrigeration systems that use natural refrigerants such as ammonia or CO2.

3. Silent Operation

Some older refrigeration systems are loud – and become louder with age. While not strictly for the hospitality industry, quieter machines have become globally demanded by the fine dining industry. Most new refrigeration systems will create much less noise than older models, meaning you can keep larger systems in plain sight without disturbing guests.

4. Energy Efficiency

Easily one of the largest trends in modern refrigeration systems is energy efficiency. As technology develops, we aim to make devices use less electricity while also making optimal use of the power it does draw.

Since most refrigeration systems – even those in our homes – run permanently, it’s easy to see why energy efficiency benefits the owner. Multiple refrigeration units running in the kitchen make energy-efficient choices almost mandatory for maximum savings. Energy savings go a long way, whether for a commercial freezer standing upright or a countertop fridge,

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