How Long Will the Supply Chain Crisis Affect Restaurant Equipment Supply?

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Discover how the supply chain crisis is impacting restaurant equipment supply in Canada. Shop commercial kitchen equipment in Toronto, Vancouver, and across Canada.

Commercial Restaurant Equipment Supply Limited from Covid-19

After multiple successive waves of Covid-19 and its many variants, the world community has begun to make the adjustments necessary to advance beyond the pandemic phase. Unfortunately, the disruptions caused by variants such as Omicron led to a wave of renewed pressures on manufacturers and suppliers alike. Even with the biggest port logjams beginning to clear, echoes continue to reverberate through the global business community.

For hospitality and foodservice, shortages and supply chain issues have been acutely felt since the very beginning of the pandemic. With uncertainty about the impact of future variants and ongoing effects from prior waves, planning around these disruptions remains an issue. What can you do to better prepare your establishment to weather these frustrating challenges surrounding restaurant equipment in Calgary?

Why Hasn’t the Supply Chain Caught Up Yet for Many Brands in Canada?

First, why is it taking so long to improve the supply chain situation? For a helpful metaphor, consider a very busy highway. In normal conditions, traffic flows from end to end with little disruption. If a portion of traffic comes to a complete stop, so too must everything else behind it — and this process takes place slowly. By the time the front of the line has started to move again, the very last cars might just be slowing down to stop. In much the same way, the ripples in the supply chain caused by the pandemic will take time to resolve.

Restaurant Equipment Availability Will Likely Continue to Be Intermittent

With reduced factory output in major manufacturing sectors, product availability can be a challenge. Engaging in long-term thinking will help make the most of this situation. Consider what types of commercial kitchen equipment are must-haves and which upgrades or additions can wait for the future. If you have an upgrade already planned, give yourself a cushion of time to allow for any manufacturing delays.

Strategies for Coping With Long Restaurant Supply Brand Lead Times

Don’t delay placing food equipment orders when you already know you need a specific type of equipment. The sooner your order is in, the sooner the processing can begin. With chronic problems plaguing delivery lead times across the industry, you don’t want to be caught without the tools you need and no way to obtain a rush order. Make your equipment investments as soon as you’re able.

Making Cost-Effective Purchases in a Volatile Market

Avoid being caught off guard by the latest updates to product catalogues and pricing guides by monitoring price changes regularly. With online tools, you can simplify this process and even receive price alerts when equipment hits a threshold that puts it within your reach. Between inflation and the cost pressures on the market due to material availability, you’ll need to work a little harder to get the best deals.

Finding Help to Acquire the Hardware You Need

Good planning and an awareness of the global supply situation will both be valuable assets to any operator looking to minimize disruptions to their business. A third addition makes the difference: a supplier that understands your constraints and works hard to minimize friction when you need new hardware. The FED online service delivers exceptional results in the short and long-term. Connect with us today to learn how we can support your operations.


  1. What impact has the supply chain crisis had on restaurant equipment availability?
    • The supply chain crisis has significantly affected the availability of restaurant equipment. Delays in manufacturing, shipping, and distribution have led to longer lead times for acquiring essential kitchen equipment.
  2. How long is the supply chain crisis expected to last?
    • Conditions are gradually stabilizing. We may need to wait until January 2023 before the restaurant equipment supply chain fully returns to normal


  3. Is the supply chain crisis affecting commercial kitchens across Canada?
    • Yes, the crisis has impacted commercial kitchens nationwide. From Vancouver to Toronto, restaurant owners and chefs are facing challenges in sourcing the equipment they need.
  4. What types of equipment are most affected by supply chain disruptions?
    • Equipment such as ovens, refrigeration units, beverage dispensers, sinks, and storage solutions have experienced delays due to supply chain issues.
  5. How can restaurants efficiently manage their equipment needs during this crisis?
    • Consider working with reputable suppliers like The Foodservice Equipment Depot (The FED), a trusted supplier across Canada. They offer a wide range of high-quality products, including stainless steel kitchen equipment, and more.
  6. What makes The Foodservice Equipment Depot (The FED) a reliable choice?
    • The FED is known for its one-stop-shop approach, offering everything from pizza ovens to dough making equipment. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, durable products, and efficient service sets them apart.
  7. Are there alternatives if a specific product isn’t available?
    • Absolutely! If a particular item isn’t in stock, The FED can introduce you to comparable alternatives. Their knowledgeable sales team can guide you toward suitable options.
  8. What warranty coverage can customers expect?
    • New equipment comes with the manufacturer’s warranty, while used equipment from The FED carries a 30-day parts and labor warranty.
  9. Who should customers contact for warranty repairs?
    • During regular business hours, customers can call The Foodservice Equipment Depot for warranty-related assistance.
  10. Why choose The FED for your restaurant equipment needs?
    • The FED offers high-quality products, efficient service, and a convenient shopping experience. Whether you’re in Vancouver or Toronto, trust The FED for all your commercial kitchen requirements.

Remember that the supply chain situation is dynamic, so staying informed and working with reliable suppliers is crucial for restaurant owners and operators.

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