403-923-2270 Prices in Canadian Dollars
403-923-2270 Prices in Canadian Dollars
403-923-2270 Prices in Canadian Dollars

Commercial Meat Slicers

Prominent for their accuracy and speed in slicing a range of meats and other products, commercial meat slicers are essential equipment for the food service sector. These sturdy devices are made especially to manage large amounts of slicing work, including cheeses, veggies, and deli meats. To meet diverse corporate demands, they are available in a range of sizes, from smaller countertop devices to larger, freestanding units. Commercial meat slicers save time and ensure constant product quality by producing consistent, paper-thin to thicker slices with ease. They are equipped with powerful motors and sharp, adjustable blades. They are a valuable tool in delis, restaurants, and other culinary enterprises where a consistent supply of uniformly sliced products is necessary for portion control and food presentation because of their user-friendly design and safety features. These slicers’ adaptability and dependability are crucial for raising kitchen efficiency and providing clients with consistently cut goods. Shop at our Restaurant Supply Online Store for a variety of Meat Slicers that work best for your business.

Atosa PPSL-12 Meat Slicer 12" Compact Manual 1/3 HP

CAD $1,298.00

Atosa PPSL-14 Meat Slicer 14" Compact Manual 1/2 HP

CAD $2,098.00

Bizerba Commercial Meat Slicer VSI 330F TC-W-400

CAD $61,998.00 OR $3147/mo

Bizerba Meat Slicer VSI 330F TC-400-3P (3-Portion Belt)

CAD $59,998.00 OR $3045/mo
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