Chefs at Restaurants in Calgary Really Like Sandwich Prep Tables to Streamline Workflow

Chefs in Calgary restaurants swear by sandwich prep tables to streamline salad and sandwich preparation. Find the best prices and free shipping here!

Sandwich Food Prep Table Coolers

Sandwich prep tables coolers are essential if you serve subs and sandwiches, tacos, pizza, salad, or wings. These handy pieces of restaurant equipment can speed up your production process while keeping your ingredients fresh and ready to go. Here’s why so many chefs in Calgary are making refrigerated prep tables their restaurant workstation of choice.

How Sandwich Prep Tables Streamline Your Workflow

A refrigerated prep table features built-in pans that hold all the ingredients you need for preparing salads, sandwiches, and other made-to-order meals. The pans connect to a flat cutting and preparation board with a cooler space below for storing extra supplies. Atosa sandwich preparation tables are a culinary favourite for their impressive list of standard features, such as:

  1. Recessed door handles – easy to clean and allow the doors to glide past other objects.
  2. Dixell digital temperature controllers – accurate water temperature control inside the unit.
  3. Self-closing doors – use the stay-open mechanism at 90° wide for easy loading.
  4. Magnetic door gaskets – practical, hygienic, and energy-efficient seal.
  5. Industrial casters – hold up to 150lbs each, featuring a swivel design and brakes.
  6. R290 refrigerant – environmentally friendly with no ozone-depleting potential.

Choosing the Right Prep Table for Your Restaurant

Adding a sandwich prep table to your equipment collection can change how you run your restaurant. Before buying a refrigerated preparation table for your commercial kitchen, you should consider this.

Dimensions for Refrigerated Prep Tables

Get a sandwich prep table that fits comfortably in your kitchen and allows unrestricted movement around the area. Choose a prep table with enough cutting board space for the type of meals you usually prepare.

Atosa Standard preparation tables come in the following lengths:

Atosa Mega Top preparation tables (deeper dimensions and more pans) come in the following lengths:

Rear-Mounted or Side-Mounted Compressor?

Most sandwich prep tables have rear-mounted compressors that pull air from the front and bottom of the unit, allowing for flush placement against the wall or other counters. Side-mounted compressors may provide better access for cleaning and service and are popular as pizza prep tables.

How Many Pans Do You Need?

Consider your menu, production process, and daily orders to work out the volume of food you will store in your unit. Most tables come with ⅓ size pans, but if you’re looking for more space, a mega-top prep table provides an extra row of pans for storing more ingredients.

Sandwich Prep Tables vs Pizza Prep Tables

Sandwich prep tables usually have a shallower cutting board of 10”/250mm wide, ideal for slicing bread. A pizza prep table has a wider cutting surface of 19”/480mm, big enough for preparing multiple large pizzas simultaneously. Pizza prep tables have raised pans, while sandwich prep table pans are recessed to counter level.

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  1. Why are sandwich prep tables essential for restaurants?
    • Sandwich prep tables play a crucial role in centralizing and streamlining the salad and sandwich preparation process. Whether you’re making subs, sandwiches, tacos, pizza, or salads, these versatile pieces of restaurant equipment keep your ingredients fresh and ready to go.
  2. How do sandwich prep tables enhance workflow?
    • refrigerated prep table features built-in pans that hold all the necessary ingredients for your made-to-order meals. The pans connect to a flat cutting and preparation board, with cooler space below for storing extra supplies.
    • Atosa sandwich preparation tables are popular for their impressive standard features, including:
      • Recessed door handles for easy cleaning and smooth operation.
      • Dixell digital temperature controllers for precise control.
      • Self-closing doors with a 90° stay-open mechanism.
      • Magnetic door gaskets for practical sealing.
      • Industrial casters for mobility.
      • Environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant.
  3. Choosing the right prep table for your restaurant:
    • Dimensions: Select a prep table that fits comfortably in your kitchen and allows unrestricted movement. Consider the cutting board space needed for your typical meal preparation.
    • Length Options:
      • Standard preparation tables come in lengths of 27″, 36″, 48″, 60″, and 72″.
      • Mega Top preparation tables (deeper dimensions with more pans) are available in the same lengths.
    • Compressor Placement:
      • Most tables have rear-mounted compressors for flush placement against walls or counters.
      • Side-mounted compressors are popular for pizza prep tables.
  4. How many pans do you need?
    • Consider your menu, daily orders, and production process to determine the volume of food you’ll store. Most tables come with ⅓ size pans, but mega-top prep tables offer extra pan space.
  5. Sandwich prep tables vs. pizza prep tables:
    • Sandwich prep tables typically have a shallower cutting board (around 10″ wide), ideal for slicing bread and assembling sandwiches.
  6. Where can you find reliable sandwich prep tables?
    • Look for reputable suppliers like The Foodservice Equipment Depot (The FED). They offer a variety of high-quality prep tables, including stainless steel options, to meet your restaurant’s needs. Plus, they ship from Canada, ensuring efficient service and quality products.

Remember, investing in the right prep table can significantly impact your kitchen’s efficiency and the freshness of your dishes!

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