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The Amazing Evolution of Food Service Equipment

Have you ever considered how much the demand for restaurants has influenced the growth of technology? Food service equipment is one of the branches of technology that developed primarily because people like us wanted somewhere to eat in public and food prepared by someone else. Today we are investigating some of the fantastic developments within the food equipment sector, and how far technology has come in helping to prepare meals. Commercial kitchen equipment is everywhere, from school cafeterias to fast food chains and fancy restaurants. The First Instances of Commercial Food Equipment While the first examples of something resembling restaurants only appeared in the 18th century, places resembling fast food drive-throughs were present as far back as the Greco-Roman world (332 BC - 395 AD). Thermopolia – which translates into ‘a place where something hot is sold’ – were pitstops where passers-by could grab a hot meal. The main examples of food equipment used
Three sandwiches of different varieties

What’s in a Winning Sandwich?

Sandwiches have been gracing our lunch tables for centuries, and it’s hard to imagine life without them. Whether you’re making a simple deli BLT or a gourmet salmon stack, professional chefs follow a few basic rules to get the perfect sandwich. Investing in sandwich or pizza prep tables can make the job easier in commercial kitchens, and choosing the best local ingredients adds freshness and flavour. 4 Essential Sandwich Ingredients and How to Use Them Bread To make the perfect sandwich, choose high-quality, freshly baked bread that tastes as delicious on its own as it does with added toppings. Choose bread for its flavour and density - a thicker, sturdier bread like ciabatta or rye will support heavy toppings better than a fluffy white loaf. Bread can also add sweetness or saltiness to a sandwich to balance rich flavours, and toasting or grilling adds taste, dimension, and texture. Condiments There’s nothing worse than
Pizza Prep Table

Making Pizza Prep a Breeze

Pizza prep tables are essential for keeping up with the dinner rush without compromising quality. They help your chefs prepare food faster, keep toppings fresh, and get perfect pizzas on the table in record time. Here are some advantages of adding a pizza prep table to your commercial kitchen, how to choose one for your restaurant, and some maintenance tips to keep it running smoothly. 3 Ways a Pizza Prep Table Makes Your Kitchen More Efficient Faster pizza preparation A pizza prep table keeps all your pre-sliced toppings, grated cheese, and sauces within easy reach while preparing a pizza for the oven. Chefs can make even the most complicated customized orders within minutes, speeding up your overall workflow, reducing customer wait times, and improving their satisfaction with your service. A worktop designed for pizza size A pizza prep table is fit to purpose with a deep worktop that can accommodate multiple extra-large pizza

Chefs at Restaurants in Calgary Really Like Sandwich Prep Tables to Streamline Workflow

Sandwich prep tables are essential if you serve subs and sandwiches, tacos, pizza, salad, or wings. These handy pieces of restaurant equipment can speed up your production process while keeping your ingredients fresh and ready to go. Here’s why so many chefs in Calgary are making refrigerated prep tables their restaurant workstation of choice. How Sandwich Prep Tables Streamline Your Workflow A refrigerated prep table features built-in pans that hold all the ingredients you need for preparing salads, sandwiches, and other made-to-order meals. The pans connect to a flat cutting and preparation board with a cooler space below for storing extra supplies. Atosa sandwich preparation tables are a culinary favourite for their impressive list of standard features, such as: Recessed door handles - easy to clean and allow the doors to glide past other objects. Dixell digital temperature controllers - accurate water temperature control inside the unit. Self-closing doors - use the
Upright Commercial Display Freezer

Things to Consider When Choosing an Upright Commercial Freezer

Buying an upright commercial freezer is more intricate than seeing a picture and clicking on it.  When making such a purchase, you should consider many things so that your commercial kitchen gets maximum value from the appliance. To help you get an idea of how to make an informed purchase, we’ve compiled some important points for you. The Main Things to Consider When Buying a Commercial Refrigerator or Freezer With so many options available on the market, it is often difficult to decide which product best suits your needs. Our professionals have this advice: Always make sure it has some extra space. If your current refrigerator or freezer is always full to the brim, consider getting a slightly larger one. You can never go wrong with a bit of extra breathing room because it means that even when your fridges are occasionally fuller, you’ll still have sufficient space. Cost is always something to consider.

Where to Start When You Update Food Service Equipment

When it’s time to update your foodservice equipment, you should turn to reliable sources of information so you can get the most value from purchases. With our experience as suppliers of said equipment, we can provide all the information you need to make informed upgrades for your kitchens. With The FEDepot, you can always expect reliable equipment and professional assistance. The Most Important Things to Consider When Upgrading Food Equipment in Calgary Every restaurant is different, and so too are their food preparation equipment requirements. However, looking at the general restaurant necessities, we’ve put together a few valuable tips for when you need to upgrade your kitchen equipment. Always consider your business growth since your last upgrade. This point is essential because it helps you properly scale your kitchen’s requirements. If, for example, you’ve started experiencing a massive increase in customers, upgrading your equipment to larger options is always advised. Consider whether your current
Commercial Kitchen

What Special Restaurant Equipment Do Restaurants Use and Why?

With the food industry being the global giant it is, it’s no surprise that knowing what restaurant equipment to use can quickly become overwhelming. Understanding which pieces of equipment can serve which purpose in your future – or current – restaurant can help keep everything in order and business booming. Understanding the Three Main Categories of Commercial Food Equipment The first – and most important – thing to understand is the different categories of equipment available to restaurants. When you know the categories, it becomes much simpler to figure out what your restaurant needs to become the thriving establishment you desire. Every restaurant needs a way to keep things chilled. Refrigeration plays a massive role in the food industry, keeping ingredients fresher for longer and even allowing some chefs to prep certain dishes – such as desserts – in advance. Various cooling units, from upright glass door fridges to deli fridges, help
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