Commercial Deep Fryers – Which is Better, Electric or Gas?

Restaurant deep fryer

The tools you decide to use in your kitchen can dramatically influence staff effectiveness and customer satisfaction, so why settle for anything less than the best when considering commercial deep fryers?

While many might consider all deep fryers the same, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many things to consider when you’re trying to find the right deep fryer for your kitchen, and today we’re going to delve into what those are.

How the Working Methods of Deep Fryers Impact Performance

When shopping for a new fryer, the first thing worth considering is how it works.

Electric deep fryers have elements – the part that heats the oil itself – submerged in the frying oil. As soon as you flick the switch to activate the fryer, these elements will heat up, bringing the oil to an eventual boil. As with most electrical heating appliances, reaching the desired temperature can take some time.

Gas fryers heat the oil from below or the sides with a flame. This flame comes from ignited natural gas or liquid propane that runs from your gas tank to the basin containing the oil. As with most gas-based appliances, you get heat fast, and you can usually reach higher temperatures than with electric heaters.

When to Use Gas Deep Fryers

There are a few reasons to choose gas fryers over electrical fryers, including the following:

  • Heating Speed. The first thing, as mentioned above, is that gas fryers heat up much faster. This feature makes them ideal when you need flexible access to your fryers and keeping them on all day is not an option.
  • You can often fry more. Most large capacity fryers use gas. The main reason for this is simply because gas fryers can accommodate larger amounts of oil while still providing reliable heating times.
  • You have the budget for a gas fryer. Given the additional requirements for gas fryers, such as piping and gas tanks, it’s easy to see that it will require a bigger budget. However, gas is the way to go for any commercial kitchen operating at high volumes if you have the budget.

When to Use Electric Deep Fryers

While electrical fryers shouldn’t be the go-to for large commercial operations, there are a few scenarios where they will work:

  • You want simple installation. Electrical fryers are much easier to install, especially if you handle said installation independently. If you’re running a smaller operation where you want the fryer on for a few hours a day, an electric model can get it done.
  • You’re trying to save space. Since many electrical fryers are smaller than gas fryers, considering the full installation, electrical fryers are ideal when you have limited space.
  • You’re looking for mobile options. Electrical fryers can work wonders if you specifically want mobile options, such as in a food truck.

You can clearly see that both fryers can be good options. It’s just a matter of whether you’re running larger or smaller operations and whether you want the cream of the crop or “good enough”.

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