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Pizza Prep Table

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3 Ways a Pizza Prep Table Makes Your Commercial Kitchen More Efficient

  1. Faster pizza preparation
    A pizza prep table keeps all your pre-sliced toppings, grated cheese, and sauces within easy reach while preparing a pizza for the oven. Chefs can make even the most complicated customized orders within minutes, speeding up your overall workflow, reducing customer wait times, and improving their satisfaction with your service.
  2. A worktop designed for pizza size
    A pizza prep table is fit to purpose with a deep worktop that can accommodate multiple extra-large pizza crusts at once. The worktop is typically around 19”/48cm deep, unlike sandwich prep tables with a shallower cutting board more suited to slicing bread. Having enough room to work comfortably makes a busy shift more enjoyable for everyone, which may minimize mistakes and wastage.
  3. Built-in cold storage
    Pizza prep tables include an under-counter fridge to store bulky sauce bottles, pizza dough, and extra vegetables, keeping everything nearby should you need to refill your topping pans. The built-in cold storage keeps your toppings fresh all day, minimizes trips to the walk-in refrigerator, and frees up space in your main fridge for a more efficient kitchen.

What to Look for in a Pizza Prep Table

  • Size – consider the daily demand and the average number of pizzas you’re serving before choosing a pizza prep table. Most single-door units come with six ingredient pans and two under-counter storage shelves, while two-door and three-door prep tables take nine and twelve pans, respectively.
  • Finish – pizza prep tables collect dirt over time, and you should choose one with a durable finish that is easy to wipe clean, such as stainless steel. Look for epoxy-coated interior shelves that resist moisture damage, odours, and stains.
  • Refrigeration – front-breathing refrigeration systems with side-mounted compressors can save space in the kitchen, allowing you to place the prep table flush against the wall. Look for features such as energy star ratings, digital temperature control, and environmentally-friendly refrigerant to save the earth and your wallet while you cook.

Refrigerated Pizza Prep Table Maintenance Tips 

Keeping your pizza prep table clean prevents acidic sauces and food particles from corroding the finish, flour dust and grease clogging the compressor, and bacteria growing in the gaskets.

  • Clean and disinfect the pans and worktop daily.
  • Clean the condenser coil thoroughly every three months.
  • Check the gaskets and seals monthly to ensure adequate temperature control.

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