Commercial Open Cooler Merchandisers

Commercial open cooler merchandisers, which are made to efficiently display and refrigerate a broad variety of perishable goods, are invaluable tools in the retail and foodservice sectors. These open coolers include transparent panels or glass doors that let shoppers see the products clearly, drawing them in and encouraging impulsive purchases. Convenience stores, supermarkets, and beverage kiosks are typical places to find them. These establishments keep chilled drinks, prepared meals, snacks, and other items. Energy-efficient technology is incorporated into the design of open cooler merchandisers to maintain ideal temperatures while decreasing energy use. Their LED lights and movable shelving improve the organization and exposure of their products. These merchandisers frequently include self-closing doors as well, which contributes to energy conservation and maintaining the proper cooling temperatures. To put it briefly, commercial open cooler merchandisers are a useful tool for presenting and preserving perishable items, in addition to helping to boost sales. Shop at our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from a variety of Open Cooler Merchandisers.

Howard McCray Open Dairy Display 39"W x 78.5"H x 30"D

CAD $12,063.00 OR $612.32/mo

Howard McCray Open Dairy Display 50"W x 72"H x 30"D

CAD $16,868.00 OR $672.47/mo

Howard McCray Open Merchandiser Cooler 63" W x 60" H x 30" D

CAD $16,868.00 OR $684.65/mo
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