The Advantages of Using a Commercial Gas Cooktop With a Griddle

Commercial Griddle Cooktop

Choosing the most practical equipment for your kitchen staff makes a considerable difference. That difference comes in the quality of the food you serve customers and the efficiency of kitchen operations. As you explore your options, one solution you might explore is the commercial gas cooktop with a griddle. At The FED, we have many choices just like this ready for purchase—but is it what you need?

A quick tour of the advantages and opportunities a griddle-equipped cooktop provides can help reveal the answer. Here’s what you should know about this option.

Enjoy Powerful Heating at a Faster Rate

Bringing pots, pans, and a griddle up to temperature quickly is important for responding to a rush in food service settings. Gas options are far more efficient at creating high heat levels rapidly. Just as you choose commercial deep fryers based partly on their ability to achieve the right oil temperature and recover temperature loss quickly, your cooktop should be able to do the same.

Support Cooking Large Volumes of Food on the Griddle

Griddle attachments offer a rapid way to cook large volumes of many different foods. From eggs and bacon to fried rice or hamburgers, griddles allow you a large cooking surface that you can’t always achieve with pans. When achieving volume in your output is essential, the griddle helps get the job done.

Using the Griddle as Extra Space for Cooking Pots

What do you do if you run out of space on the cooktop? Some pots can go directly onto the griddle, where you can continue using the heat to cook. Simmering sauces on the side of the grill can be much simpler than managing individual burner heat levels to prevent scorching or burning.

Use Whichever Gas Source You Have Available

With the Atosa models available through The FED, you can adapt your hardware to suit your local gas source. These cooktop and griddle units can use either propane gas or a standard natural gas connection. Inputs for both types of gas come standard on these units, offering versatility where you need it.

Enjoy More Functionality Without Consuming Too Much Space

All Atosa units feature a compact design that maximizes the amount of cooking functionality in the smallest amount of space. By choosing a model with a griddle, you can enjoy a highly effective means of using your available space without creating a kitchen that’s too crowded for effective navigation. Why have a separate flat-top unit when your cooktop can have a griddle space?

Explore Your Gas Griddle Options

When the needs of your kitchen align with the utility of a commercial gas cooktop with a griddle, The FED is here to streamline your acquisition process. Instead of a lengthy sales process involving showroom visits, we offer a fast and easy way to order the equipment you want today. Explore all our Atosa brand cooktop offerings to find the one that meets your size and functionality criteria today.

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