What Commercial Kitchen Equipment Do I Need for a Food Truck?

Starting a food truck is an exciting venture that allows you to share your love for cooking with people on the move. Serving gourmet food from a restaurant on wheels delights travellers and residents with fresh local flavours, and people love food trucks for their convenience. Here is a list of the commercial kitchen equipment you will need to take your culinary passion to the streets.

6 Food Truck Equipment Essentials

  1. Range oven
    A commercial range is the heart of your mobile kitchen, where you can bake, boil, fry, sauté, and simmer anything from seafood to soups and sauces. Before buying a range for your food truck, consider how many burners you need – 4 burners are sufficient for most small kitchens. If you have limited space, you can always get a 2-burner range and add a countertop hot plate or pot stove for extra cooking capacity.
  2. Griddle
    Griddles are essential for making pancakes and crepes, bacon, eggs, stir-fry, and sandwiches, and they take up minimal space on your counter. Ventilation is vital when using a griddle in your truck – check the local fire safety requirements to ensure you install sprinklers and exhausts if needed. Most griddles have built-in splashbacks to prevent grease from contaminating your work area.
  3. Fryer
    Food trucks are famous for deep-fried deliciousness, and getting a quality fryer will help you make French fries, doughnuts, and onion rings with ease. Fryers can be dangerous in confined spaces, and there may be fire safety laws that impact their placement and use within your food truck.
  4. Food warmer
    A countertop food warmer keeps your freshly prepared pasta, vegetables, fries, and soups warm and ready to use. They can also double as display cases for pies and pastries, and they keep food at safe temperatures to prevent bacterial growth and protect people from foodborne illnesses.
  5. Under-counter refrigeration
    Using an under-counter fridge or freezer in a food truck helps you make the most of your kitchen space and streamline your workflow. Check the weight capacity of the cooler before stacking countertop appliances on it, and consider ventilation when measuring the available space for a fridge in your vehicle. You can also use a countertop cooler with glass doors to display food and beverages.
  6. Countertop appliances
    Countertop appliances, such as commercial mixers, ice makers, toasters, and panini grills, can speed up your food preparation and decrease customer waiting time. These appliances are ideal for busy breakfast runs and lunch hours, helping you serve light meals and ice-cold drinks in a flash. Consider your menu before buying a range of small appliances, and choose one or two that meet your needs.

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