The FED Customers Really Like Salamander Broilers for Their Simplicity, Ease of Use, Minimal Space Requirements, and Affordability

Salamander Broiler

A salamander broiler is a commercial kitchen essential that can give almost any everyday dish a professional touch, adding culinary fireworks to even the most basic bistro menus. Thousands of chefs use salamander broilers to improve restaurant efficiency and ensure consistently well-made meals in a fast-paced kitchen.

What is a Salamander Broiler, and How Does it Work?

A salamander broiler is a standalone appliance that uses convection to blast heat over a dish, cooking it more rapidly than a traditional oven, broiler, or grill. Salamanders typically use ceramic elements, infrared energy, or a combination of both to distribute heat around the cooking chamber. You can place a salamander broiler on a countertop or mount it to a wall.

What Can You Cook in a Salamander Broiler?

Salamander broilers are known for versatility, and you can use them for cooking food from scratch or adding the finishing touches before plating the dish. Professional chefs use them to broil, brown, toast, glaze, and caramelize almost any meal, including:

  • Grilled steak, salmon, or chicken
  • Melting cheese on pizza, nachos, or fries
  • Toasted sandwiches, wraps, or hash browns
  • Caramelizing sugar for creme brulee
  • Browning and crisping rotisseries and casseroles

5 Reasons Why Every Restaurant Kitchen Needs a Salamander Broiler

  1. They’re easy to use – simply place your plated dish in the salamander broiler and let it do the rest! You can watch the food sizzle inside while you prepare something else, helping you get plates on tables faster. Most salamanders also have adjustable racks to help you customize the baking chamber for precise browning and grilling.
  2. Compact size – most salamander broilers are only 36”/90cm wide and fit comfortably on a standard countertop, suitable for small restaurants and kitchens. Range-mounted salamander broilers take up zero counter space and sit neatly above the range for a centralized hot kitchen.
  3. Multipurpose – investing in a salamander broiler eliminates the need for numerous single-purpose appliances in your restaurant, such as deep fryers, cheese-melters, grills, and broilers. You can use them to prepare sweet and savoury dishes, from bite-sized casual entrees to lavish steak dinners.
  4. Affordable – you can purchase a high-quality salamander broiler for around $1500 – $2000 CAD, which is much more affordable than many other types of commercial kitchen equipment. They also use less electricity than commercial ovens, reducing energy bills and saving costs.
  5. Rapid cooking – salamander broilers take under five minutes to heat up, reaching higher temperatures than a conventional oven or broiler. This speedy cooking method can help you create a sophisticated menu without extensive preparation and a large team of chefs.

Salamander broilers are versatile, space-saving, affordable, and easy to use, making them the perfect addition to any commercial kitchen. The FED supplies a range of professional cooking, cooling, and preparation equipment for the culinary industry. Shop online or get in touch to find out how we can help you upgrade your restaurant today.

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