Choosing the Right Commercial Range Oven for your Restaurant

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Finding the Perfect Range Oven

When it comes to outfitting your kitchen, selecting the right range is a crucial decision. For a professional chef, the range you choose significantly impacts your culinary experience. In this guide, we’ll look into the different types of ranges, control placement options, and the importance of size. Let’s begin!

Fuel Type: Gas, Electric, or Dual-Fuel

The first decision you’ll need to make when selecting a range is the fuel type. Here are the options:

  1. Gas Ranges:
    • Installation: Gas ranges require professional installation, as they need to be connected to a natural gas or propane line.
    • Control: The flame on the gas cooktop allows for immediate heat control.
    • Conversion: Some gas ranges come with liquid propane conversion kits if a natural gas hookup isn’t available.
    • Pros: Precise cooking control, professional-style cooking.
    • Cons: Installation complexity.
    • Example: Professional gas ranges bring commercial kitchen prowess to your home.
  2. Electric Ranges:
    • Installation: Electric ranges are quicker to install with a standard 240V plug into an outlet.
    • Oven Heat: Electric ovens usually provide a more even and reliable temperature.
    • Smooth Top: Some electric ranges have a smooth glass cooktop, making cleaning easier.
    • Pros: Even heating, easy installation.
    • Cons: Limited flame control.
    • Example: Explore electric ranges from KitchenAid.
  3. Dual-Fuel Ranges:
    • Combination: These ranges combine gas cooktops with electric ovens.
    • Precision: Gas cooktops allow precise cooking, while electric ovens provide consistent temperature.
    • Ideal For: Professional or experienced cooks.
    • Cost: Dual-fuel ranges can be more expensive.
    • Example: Consider dual-fuel ranges for the best of both worlds.

Control Placement: Front or Rear

Choose between front control or rear control ranges:

  1. Front Control:
    • Controls are located at the front, creating a seamless built-in look.
    • Backsplash won’t be covered by a backguard.
    • Matches well with other kitchen appliances.
    • Example: Front control ranges integrate beautifully with countertops.
  2. Rear Control:
    • Controls are on the backguard.
    • Freestanding range that can be placed anywhere in your kitchen.
    • Finished side panels allow flexible placement.
    • Example: Explore various rear-control ranges.

Size Matters

Select a range oven size that fits your kitchen and household needs. Consider the available space and cooking requirements.

Here are some premium-quality commercial range ovens available at The Foodservice Equipment Depot (The FED):

  1. Atosa AGR-6B Gas Range:
    • Burners: 6
    • Oven Width: 26-1/2″
    • Overall Width: 36″
    • Price: CAD $3,081.00 or $107.21/month
  2. Atosa AGR-10B Gas Range:
    • Burners: 10
    • Oven Width: 26-1/2″
    • Overall Width: 60″
    • Price: CAD $5,164.00 or $253.29/month
  3. Atosa AGR-12G4B Gas Range:
    • Burners: 4
    • Left Griddle Width: 12″
    • Oven Width: 26-1/2″
    • Overall Width: 36″
    • Price: CAD $3,130.00 or $158.88/month
  4. Atosa AGR-24G Gas Range:
    • Griddle Top Width: 24″
    • Oven Width: 20″
    • Overall Width: 24″
    • Price: CAD $2,390.00 or $117.20/month
  5. Atosa AGR-24G2B Gas Range:
    • Burners: 2
    • Left Griddle Width: 24″
    • Oven Width: 26-1/2″
    • Overall Width: 36″
    • Price: CAD $2,928.00 or $143.60/month
  6. Atosa AGR-24G6B Gas Range:
    • Burners: 4
    • Left Griddle Width: 24″
    • Ovens: 2 (26-1/2″ each)
    • Overall Width: 60″
    • Price: CAD $5,389.00 or $264.26/month

Feel free to explore these options and find the perfect commercial gas range for your needs!

For more details and to browse additional products, you can visit The FED’s online store. The FED offers a comprehensive range of commercial kitchen equipment, ensuring quality, performance, and durability for your kitchen.

In summary, choosing the right range involves considering various factors, from fuel type to control placement. Gas ranges offer precise cooking control, while electric ranges provide even heating. Dual-fuel ranges combine the best of both worlds. Whether you opt for front control or rear control, ensure it complements your kitchen layout. Remember, the right range enhances your cooking experience, so choose wisely!

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