The FED Customers Really Like Commercial Deep Fryers for Making Tasty Fried Food Faster

Chef pouring french fries from deep fryer into metal bowl

A commercial deep fryer makes serving fried food simple, helping you prepare perfectly golden chips, crispy chicken wings, and sugary beavertails and timbits every time. This kitchen appliance is a game changer that can speed up your meal preparation and workflow, getting customers their food faster without compromising on taste. Keep reading to find out just how deep fryers make commercial kitchen life easier and what to look out for when buying one for your restaurant.

The Benefits of Getting a Deep Fryer for your Commercial Kitchen

  • Fast cooking
    The heat transfer from a liquid (oil) to solid food is much faster than the heat transfer from hot air typically found in a convection oven or broiler. A deep fryer also cooks food at very high temperatures – about 350° to 375°F or 175° to 190°C, which also speeds up the cooking process.
  • Tender food
    Commercial cooking appliances that use hot air can dry out your food if you leave it a moment too long under the heat. On the other hand, deep fryers create a crisp outer layer by removing the surface moisture of food from the batter, keeping the inside soft and tender.
  • Enhanced flavour
    Frying at high heat activates caramelization and the Maillard reaction – a natural browning that releases hundreds of new flavour compounds and aromas into your food. The oil you use in your commercial deep fryer also retains the flavour and infuses it into the next batch of fried treats.

Countertop Deep Fryers vs Floor Standing Fryers

Countertop deep fryers take up minimal space in your kitchen and are perfect for small food trucks, travelling caterers, and restaurants with limited fried food on the menu. They have smaller baskets and are best for frying chips, onion rings, and small pastries. Countertop deep fryers are often electric-powered, which has a slower heat recovery rate than gas systems.

Floor-standing deep fryers are large kitchen workhorses that produce high volumes of fried food with bigger baskets to accommodate larger items, such as thick chicken portions. They are often powered by gas – allowing your oil to reheat almost instantly, saving time and energy. These heavy-duty commercial fryers can handle constant use and are a must if you serve fried chicken.

What To Consider When Buying a Commercial Deep Fryer

  • Power source – natural gas, propane, or electricity.
  • The number of burners – multiple, independently controlled burners allow you to cook many foods at once without mixing flavours.
  • Size – make sure it fits comfortably in your kitchen according to local fire safety laws.
  • Capacity – manufacturers typically list the capacity in lb/kg for comparison against your restaurant’s fried food output and demand.

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