Where to Start When You Update Food Service Equipment


When it’s time to update your foodservice equipment, you should turn to reliable sources of information so you can get the most value from purchases. With our experience as suppliers of said equipment, we can provide all the information you need to make informed upgrades for your kitchens. With The FEDepot, you can always expect reliable equipment and professional assistance.

The Most Important Things to Consider When Upgrading Food Equipment in Calgary

Every restaurant is different, and so too are their food preparation equipment requirements. However, looking at the general restaurant necessities, we’ve put together a few valuable tips for when you need to upgrade your kitchen equipment.

Always consider your business growth since your last upgrade. This point is essential because it helps you properly scale your kitchen’s requirements. If, for example, you’ve started experiencing a massive increase in customers, upgrading your equipment to larger options is always advised.

Consider whether your current equipment is energy efficient. When it’s time to upgrade your equipment, you might as well opt for more energy-efficient options to help your kitchen save on electricity costs. Consider what level of efficiency your current equipment provides and whether newer, more efficient technology can make a difference in your kitchen.

Consider whether your current appliances are future-proof. Do your existing appliances provide a level of modularity that will assist with integrating new appliances in the future? Having future-proof appliances can make your forthcoming upgrades more affordable. The alternative is that replacing one device could create a ripple effect, resulting in a need to upgrade many others.

Different Parts of Your Kitchen That Might Need Upgraded Food Equipment

With so many options for kitchen appliances on the commercial level, it’s easy to overlook some machines. You should always consider three sectors when considering kitchen upgrades if you want a thriving kitchen.

Your heating appliances. If there’s one thing every chef knows, it’s that the correct heat makes a tremendous difference. When it’s time to upgrade your kitchen equipment, you should consider whether your heat-based appliances are still doing their job properly or whether you would benefit from a new stove-top or broiler cooktop.

Your cooling appliances. With another emphasis on temperature, only in the opposite direction, cooling is crucial for any kitchen if they want to keep ingredients fresh. Consider whether you have suitable fridges or if a new fridge would be more beneficial. Maybe you could finally get the display fridge for your thirsty customers or even to display your brand partnerships optimally.

Your prep equipment. Preparation is key in any kitchen and having equipment to assist with preparation can simplify your life. If your old machines are showing signs of deterioration, it’s always advisable to replace them, so they provide safer, more reliable results the next time you prepare your dishes. Whether you need meat slicers or mixers, new equipment always makes a difference.

If you’re looking for reliable food service equipment, The FEDepot has everything you need.