Commercial Sinks

Commercial sinks are essential fixtures in kitchens, labs, and other settings where efficiency and hygienic conditions are critical to a wide range of sectors. Commercial sinks are built to last and avoid corrosion because they are made of sturdy materials like stainless steel, which can survive the rigors of frequent use. There are many different configurations for these sinks, such as one or more compartments, and possibilities for extra features like drainboards and pre-rinse units. Designed to satisfy the exacting requirements of business settings, they streamline the meal preparation, cleaning, and dishwashing procedures. Commercial sinks play a vital role in upholding hygienic standards, complying with health codes, and streamlining operations in a variety of professional settings, including busy restaurant kitchens, healthcare institutions, and research laboratories. Shop at our Restaurant Supply Online Store for a variety of Commercial Sinks that work best for your business.

Bar Sink Faucet 26085

CAD $148.00 OR $8/mo

Fabricated Hand Sink with Knee Valve Assembly 46319

CAD $798.00 OR $41/mo

Gooseneck Faucet for Tub Sink 22289

CAD $248.00 OR $13/mo

Hand Sink 17" and Floor Mop Sink Combination 47246

CAD $1,498.00 OR $76/mo

Laundry Sink with Faucet and Drain Basket 44593

CAD $1,198.00 OR $61/mo
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