403-923-2270 Prices in Canadian Dollars
403-923-2270 Prices in Canadian Dollars
403-923-2270 Prices in Canadian Dollars

Cookshack Stainless Steel Smoker Oven, SM260-iF

CAD $13,498.00 OR $685/mo

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Cookshack Stainless Steel Smoker Oven, SM260-iF Features:

  • Cooking Capacity: Pork Butts: 240 lbs., Brisket: 200 lbs., Ribs: 100 lbs. or 40 whole chickens per load
  • Cooking Surface: Qty (6) 23″ x 23″ (58 x 58 cm) nickel plated grills, 5″ (12.7 cm) apart.  Contact us to upgrade to Stainless Steel grills!
  • Cooking Area: 3,456 square inches
  • Temperature Settings: 125°-300° F
  • Shipping Weight: 385 lbs.
  • Included Equipment: 6 Grills, Side Racks, Drip Pan, Wood Box, Wood Box Handle, casters, Operator’s Manual, Spare Heating Element, 10 lbs. Hickory Wood and Spice Kit
  • Fuel Usage: 1 oz. Wood for 60 lbs. of product
  • Average Operating Cost for 12 hours:  $1.94
  • Construction and Insulation: Double Walled Construction surrounding 850° F Spin-Glas® Fiberglass Insulation

NSF and USDA Approved; UL Listed in the USA and Canada as Commercial Cooking Equipment; Made in the USA

SHIPPING: Requires 7 to 10 Business Days


  • Cookshack SM260 smoker ovens are designed for operations that need a capacity of up to 240 lbs. heavy cuts per load
  • It is ideal for operations which continuously need a large quantity of smoked foods or barbecue.
  • It produces hot or cold smoked foods by application of heat and wood smoke.  Food cooks at a low temperature with no drying drafts of air moving through the smoker.  Product is tender, moist and has low shrink.
  • The SM260 is energy efficient; it is not constantly reheating cool air and remains cool to the touch on the outside.
  • The heating elements will not work if the door is open on the unit.
  • Meat drippings exit the bottom of the smoker into a removable drip pan for a clean safe operation.
  • The inner accessories remove for easy cleaning and the safe, contained wood box slides out.

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Download Spec Document

Outside Dimensions:  26.5”W x 64.5”H x 31”D

Food Capacity: 24 sq. ft. (3456 sq. in.) OR 240 lbs. pork butts, 200 lbs. brisket, 100 lbs. ribs, or 40 whole chickens per load

Cooking Area:  3456 sq. in.

Shelves: (6) 23 x 23” (61 x 61cm) grills, 5” (12.7cm) apart

Approximate Fuel Consumption: 2 oz. (appx. 1 chunk) of wood will smoke up to 60 lbs. product

Approximate Cost of Operation: $1.94 per 12 hour cycle at average setting (includes wood and electric)

Temperature Range:  130°F to 275°F

Electrical:  (2) 1,500 watt heating elements, 20 amps, 220v single phase plug (NEMA L14- 2OR); 240v single phase export models available; Power cord approx. length is 52”.

Shipping Weight:  375 lbs.

Standard Equipment: 6 grills, side racks, drip pan, wood box, wood box handle, casters, operator’s manual, cookbook, 10 lbs. wood, spare heating element and Cookshack Spice Kit

Optional Accessories: Meat Probe, Seafood Grills, Rib Racks, Jerky Rods, Pepper Popper Grills, Cold Smoke Kit, Flavor Infusion Reservoir and Smoke Hood

Warranty: All Cookshack products are backed by a 2-year limited warranty including 90 days full parts and labor.


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