EmberGlo Shish Kabob Char-Broiler Open Hearth Open Front 36″ Wide

CAD $9,998.00 OR $508/mo

EmberGlo Kabob Char-Broiler Open Hearth Open Front 31C

Please Note These are Special Order Units. Contact us for delivery schedule.

Standard Features:

  • ● All Ceramic Broiling Hearth
    ● Flame Control with our Unique Patented FLARETROL® System
    ● NO MESSY GREASE trays
    ● Self Cleaning Hearth
    ● Single Gas Heat Control Valve
    ● Optional Cooking Grate
    ● Zero Recovery Time
    ● Clog Free, Side Mounted, Inshot ‘Cobra’ Gas Burner Heads
    ● ‘Outdoor Flavor’ – Indoors
    ● Kabob Broilers Include 10 Stainless Steel Skewers
    ● Natural or Propane Gas
    ● All Stainless Steel Construction for the 25W Kabob Broilers

SHIPPING: Requires 10 to 13 Weeks

Now you can enjoy the flavor of outdoor charbroiling —indoors! EmberGlo’s eye-catching glowing hearth will reach a temperature
over 1600° searing your meats yet preserving the natural flavor. With our unique FLARETROL® system, you have perfect control to
keep flare ups where they belong—low and concentrated for bestcooking results.

EmberGlo’s design has made open hearth broiling practical, economical and profi table for every type of food service operation.
Our special in shot gas burners supply broiling heat to a durable ceramic hearth. The BARBRIQ transmit searing radiant heat to the
meat utilizing its natural juices and creating more natural fuel. Burner jets are located along the sides of the recessed hearth instead of
below it. This design helps prevent the jets from becoming clogged with dripping grease, ashes, soot or food particles.


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