403-923-2270 Prices in Canadian Dollars
403-923-2270 Prices in Canadian Dollars
403-923-2270 Prices in Canadian Dollars

Manitowoc NEO Undercounter Half Cube Ice Machine 26″W 198lb/day Air Cool U190A

CAD $4,598.00 OR $233/mo

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Manitowoc 26″W Half Cube NEO Undercounter Ice Machine – 198lb/day Air Cool U190A Features

  • Part of the NEO ice maker series
  • 193-lb. maximum daily ice production
  • 140-lb. AHRI-certified daily ice production
  • Makes half-dice ice cubes
  • Half dice ice size: 38 in. x 78 in. x 118 in.
  • Produces more ice than previous models while using less water and energy
  • Delay function pauses operation during slow or closed periods
  • 90-lb. storage bin with full-bin indicator
  • Service indicator warns operators of maintenance needs
  • Refrigeration components are front accessible behind the sliding bin
  • Sealed food zone’s removable water trough, damper door, and distribution tube facilitate cleaning
  • Integrated AlphaSan agent slows bacteria growth in key components
  • 6-in. adjustable legs with flanged feet
  • Replaces the UY-0190A
  • 2,150 average BTU; 2,600 peak BTU

SHIPPING: Requires 7 to 10 Business Days


If the ambient air is 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the incoming water is 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the Manitowoc Ice UYF0190A NEO® undercounter ice machine makes 198 pounds of ice in 24 hours, though at higher temperatures, it will produce less. With the half-dice ice, small cubes that pack together tightly, operators can displace a lot of water so glasses require less beverage to fill. However, this kind of ice also melts quicker than larger, full-size options.

Throughout the day, ice collects in the built-in, 90-pound-capcity storage bin, which helps keep ice cold and ready for use during busy hours. For slow hours, operators can either let ice pile up in the bin, or use the delay function to pause ice production, reducing water usage. When the Manitowoc Ice UYF0190A undercounter ice maker needs cleaning or servicing, components can be accessed through the storage bin, which slides off the front. Several parts contain the antimicrobial agent AlphaSan® to slow bacterial growth, while other parts can be removed for thorough cleaning.

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Download Spec Document
BTU Per Hour:
U-140: 2,150 (average)
2,600 (peak)
U-190: 2,150 (average)
2,600 (peak)
Nominal rating: .42 HP
Operating Limits:
• Ambient Temperature Range:
40˚ to 110˚F (4.4˚ to 43.3˚C)
• Water Temperature Range:
45˚ to 90˚F (4.4˚ to 32.2˚C)
• Water Pressure Ice Maker
Water In:
Min. 20 psi (137.9 kPA)
Max. 80 psi (551.1 kPA)


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