403-923-2270 Prices in Canadian Dollars
403-923-2270 Prices in Canadian Dollars
403-923-2270 Prices in Canadian Dollars

Moyer Diebel Rotary Type Fully Automatic Glass Washer Machine DF

CAD $11,698.00 OR $594/mo

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Moyer Diebel Rotary Type Fully Automatic Glasswashing Machine DF Features:

• 12″ glass clearance accepts taller stemware
• Internal upper drain screen for improved filtration and ease of cleaning
• Self flushing rinse chamber reduces maintenance
• Reduced water usage
• Improved shut off mechanism
• Three-pump injection system for precise chemical dispensing
• Upper and lower wash and rinse arms produce sparkling clean glasses every time
• Double walled construction for quieter operation
• Cool final rinse water provides a cool glass ready for immediate use
• An internal shelf provides storage for three, 1-gallon (4 liter) containers
• Polypropylene conveyor eliminates chipping of fine stemware
• Internal rinse water tempering valve

SHIPPING: Requires 7 to 10 Business Days

The Rotary Type Fully Automatic Glasswashing Machine DF is a cutting-edge solution for ensuring the utmost cleanliness of glassware in commercial settings. With its dual wash and rinse arms, this machine ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning, leaving your glassware immaculate. Using cool, fresh water for the last rinse improves sanitation and gets the glasses ready for use right away. One of the machine’s most notable features is its three-pump dispensing system, which accurately injects the right amount of sanitizer or rinse-aid with each cycle, increasing efficiency and upholding the highest standards of hygiene. You can rely on the Rotary Type Fully Automatic Glasswashing Machine DF to satisfy the exacting requirements of the foodservice sector and guarantee that your glassware is always spotless and hygienic.

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Capacity (hr.)
2-1/2″ [64] glasses 1200
Water Consumption
Cold water (approx.) 2.5 US gpm; 9.5 l/m; 2.1 imp. gpm
Hot water (initial fill) 3 US gallons; 11.35 liters; 2.4 imp gallons
(Max use – approx. 12 US gph – 10 imp gph)
Temperatures °F/C
Inlet water (hot) 140-160/61-69
Inlet water (cold) 75/24
Tank heat, electric (kW) 3
Conveyor Movement  Clockwise


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