Things to Consider When Choosing an Upright Commercial Freezer

Upright Commercial Display Freezer

What to Look for in an Upright Commercial Freezer

Buying an upright commercial freezer is more detailed than seeing a picture and clicking on it.  When making such a purchase, you should consider many things so that your commercial kitchen gets maximum value from the appliance. To help you get an idea of how to make an informed purchase, we’ve compiled some important points for you.

The Main Things to Consider When Buying a Commercial Refrigerator or Freezer

With so many options available on the market, it is often difficult to decide which product best suits your needs. Our professionals have this advice:

Always make sure the Commercial Freezer has enough Cu. Ft.

If your current refrigerator or freezer is always full to the brim, consider getting a slightly larger one. You can never go wrong with a bit of extra breathing room because it means that even when your fridges are occasionally fuller, you’ll still have sufficient space.

Cost is always something to consider for an Upright Freezer. 

Ultimately, your budget plays a pivotal role in whether you can buy a specific freezer or not. If you’re considering a freezer, make sure it falls within your budget. If it’s above your budget, make sure that the purchase will provide enough long-term value to make up for the additional spending.

Always consider whether you’re choosing reliable brands.

Some brands in the industry have a better reputation than others. When you’re buying a fridge or freezer, make sure that the brand you choose has a history of reliable service and satisfied customers and that if some appliances show errors, their customer service is quick to assist. You will be happy to know that we only stock appliances from reliable brands that manufacture excellent equipment.

Remember to consider the size for a Single Door or 2-Door Model

Appliance size is important in any kitchen since you usually work with limited space. While an upright commercial refrigerator or freezer takes up less horizontal space, you will have to compensate with vertical space. If you have a smaller kitchen, flat space is more of a commodity, making upright freezers or fridges a much better option overall.

Consider the purpose of your Reach-In Freezer beyond keeping things cold. 

The purpose of the fridge can influence which design or product makes for a better choice. For example, if customers interact with the refrigerator, it’s always better to have a transparent door.

It is worth considering how many compartment dividers you need for an upright or chest freezer. 

Upright freezer usually have more than chest or deep freezers but can still provide varying numbers of compartment dividers. Consider whether the freezer you want to buy has enough dividers to meet the requirements of your kitchen.

If you have any questions about which freezers would better suit your business, our team is happy to help with answers so you can find the ideal upright commercial freezer.

Frequently Asked Questions: Choosing an Upright Commercial Freezer

1. What factors should I consider when selecting a commercial freezer?

  • Size and Capacity: Assess the volume of frozen ingredients your establishment handles regularly. Choose a freezer that offers sufficient storage space without unnecessary excess.
  • Energy Efficiency: Opt for energy-efficient freezers to save on operational costs and contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • Durability and Build Quality: Commercial freezers are an investment, so prioritize models made from high-quality materials that can withstand the demands of a busy kitchen.

2. Why should I choose an upright commercial freezer over other types?

  • Space-Saving Design: Upright freezers take up less horizontal space, making them ideal for smaller kitchens where flat space is limited.
  • Vertical Storage: While they occupy less floor area, they provide ample vertical storage for frozen goods.
  • Transparent Doors: If customer interaction is involved, consider models with glass doors for easy visibility.

3. What are the benefits of adjustable features in commercial freezers?

  • Adjustable Shelves: Customize the interior layout to accommodate various-sized items.
  • Temperature Control: Ensure precise temperature settings for optimal food preservation.
  • Removable Dividers: Some upright freezers offer compartment dividers for organized storage.

4. What about defrosting and maintenance?

  • Frost-Free: Look for frost-free models that eliminate the need for manual defrosting.
  • Easy-to-Clean Interior: Choose freezers with aluminum interiors that are easy to wipe down.

5. What materials are commonly used in commercial freezers?

  • Stainless Steel: Many commercial freezers feature stainless steel exteriors for durability and hygiene.
  • White Aluminum: Some models have white aluminum interiors for a clean look.

6. How can I ensure reliability and longevity?

  • Interior Lighting: Well-lit interiors enhance visibility and ease of use.
  • Energy Star Certification: Opt for freezers with the Energy Star label for energy efficiency.
  • ETL Certification: Look for freezers certified by ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) for safety and compliance.

7. What are the considerations for commercial reach-in freezers?

  • Spacious Design: Reach-in freezers allow easy access to stored items.
  • Self-Closing Doors: Ensure doors automatically close to maintain proper temperatures.
  • Casters: Some models come with caster wheels for mobility.

8. How do I determine the right storage capacity?

  • Evaluate your specific needs based on the types of frozen products you handle.
  • Consider the operator’s convenience when accessing items.

9. Where can I find reliable commercial freezers?

  • Explore reputable suppliers like The Foodservice Equipment Depot (The FED).
  • Contact us for personalized assistance in choosing the ideal upright commercial freezer for your business.

Remember that selecting the right commercial freezer is crucial for maintaining food quality, efficiency, and overall success in your foodservice establishment. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team at The FED!

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Commercial Upright Freezer

Selecting the perfect commercial upright freezer is pivotal for any foodservice establishment. As you finalize your decision, consider the following key factors:

  1. Material and Build:
    • Stainless Steel: Consider a freezer with a solid stainless steel exterior. It ensures durability, easy cleaning, and resistance to corrosion.
    • Aluminum Interior: Look for an aluminum interior that maintains consistent temperatures and is simple to maintain.
  2. Door Options:
    • Glass Door: If you want to showcase your frozen goods, a glass door provides visibility for customers.
    • Single or Double Door: Choose between a single-door or double-door configuration based on your storage needs.
  3. Interior Features:
    • Adjustable Shelves: Customize the shelving arrangement to accommodate various-sized items.
    • LED Lighting: Well-placed LED lights enhance visibility and make it easy to locate items.
    • Compressor: Ensure a reliable and efficient compressor for consistent cooling.
  4. Functionality and Purpose:
    • Frozen Food Storage: Consider whether you’ll store bulk frozen food, ice cream, or other specialty items.
    • Reach-In ConvenienceReach-in freezers allow easy access to items without excessive bending or reaching.
  5. Energy Efficiency:
    • Look for models with an Energy Star certification to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.
  6. Exterior Design:
    • A sleek and professional exterior design complements your kitchen or retail space.

Remember to explore reputable suppliers like The Foodservice Equipment Depot (The FED) for a wide range of commercial upright and chest freezers. Whether you need a glass door display freezer or a stainless steel reach-in freezer, make an informed choice to meet your specific requirements.

For expert guidance and personalized assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your freezer selection plays a crucial role in maintaining food quality, so invest wisely!

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