Five Things to Look for in a Commercial Display Refrigerator

Refrigerated Display Coolers in Convenience Store

You should always have a checklist when shopping for a commercial display refrigerator or restaurant freezer so that you know you’re keeping up with your requirements. Your checklist should also consider that technology is constantly evolving, and yesterday’s fridges or freezers might no longer be the best option.

  1. The first thing that consistently comes to mind is the price of the equipment. There will always be many varied factors that can influence the price. These factors can include whether the equipment is new or previously owned, the size of the fridge, which additional features the unit has, whether parts and service are readily available should something need repair. and much more. If you’re unsure what you need, you can always talk to us about it.
  2. You always want to consider the size of the fridges or restaurant freezers you buy. Size plays a tremendous role in whether the refrigerator or freezer is practical to use. Every restaurant kitchen has limited space, so making the most of it is essential. At the same time, getting a fridge that can’t keep up with the many food items you need to keep cool is a waste of your money. The right size fridge comes down to how much space you need, just as much as how much space you have available.
  3. How many shelves do your restaurant freezers or fridges need? Where size merely refers to the overall volume of the refrigerator or freezer, shelving refers to how many divisions you have available inside. One shelf isn’t going to do much for your restaurant if you only refrigerate small items. In that case, you would be much better off with multiple shelves so that you can make the most of your new unit. Consider what you want to put inside and how many of it you need to fit in, then choose your shelving accordingly.
  4. How important is the overall visual of the fridge? Some places have an extremely tight ruleset for their aesthetic, while others are much more relaxed. Consider the style you need and whether the restaurant freezers or fridges you want to purchase adhere to your stylistic preferences. This aesthetic is fundamental if the display fridge is going to be in a room with customer traffic.
  5. Lastly, you can consider additional features for cooling and freezing. We put this point last because ultimately, you only need one feature from your fridges and freezers: to keep things cold enough. However, if you’re interested in additional features such as backlights, stainless steel exteriors, digital controllers, and magnetic doors, you don’t have to look further than our online store.

We would really like to assist you with choosing the right commercial display refrigerator, so feel free to give us a call and discuss your requirements with our team.