How to Extend the Life of My Commercial Refrigeration Equipment?

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Any restaurant owner will tell you that quality food is the lifeblood of their operation. However, behind all those memorable flavours and spices is a commercial appliance that ensures that food is always fresh and of high quality. Fridges and freezers are of particular importance to foodservice establishments to help their signature flavours shine. Commercial food equipment is a crucial component to any successful operation, but it’s essential that you keep your machines in top physical condition to extend their longevity.

Regarding commercial kitchen appliances, the fridge or freezer helps with inventory management. They store food items at a consistent temperature while costing less in energy bills, resulting in a more lucrative investment. It will take work on your part to ensure that your refrigeration appliances stand the test of time.

Dust the Fan Blades

Appliances circulate cold air to keep food items chilled effectively. Air circulation is a critical element of this operation. The fan, evaporator, and compressor must be in optimal working condition to generate the cold air ideal for food storage conditions. Over time, dust may accumulate on the fan blades, decreasing a unit’s cooling abilities. Consequently, the appliance works harder, leading to higher energy bills. Inspect these elements regularly to ensure that they’re working efficiently and to prevent a complete breakdown.

Clean the Evaporator Coils

As is the case with fans, dust and dirt can lodge themselves on the evaporator coils. You will immediately notice a difference in a unit’s cooling ability. You can intervene by cleaning the coils carefully with a soft brush to avoid damage. When your freezer is running smoothly, you will not see any frost build-up.

Avoid Blocking the Ventilation of Your Fridge/Freezer

Even though you have a large restaurant with a fridge or freezer, be aware of not blocking the venting on the exterior of this commercial piece of food equipment. Furthermore, the compressor generates warm air that must escape the unit. If you’re blocking the escape for hot air, it affects the overall performance of the appliance and the quality of your food items. If you have concerns about blocking the vents on the bottom area for the fridge/freezer, ask about the top mount design that has the components mounted above the main fridge/freezer area.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

You’ve probably heard this tip before, but don’t neglect the cleaning of the fridge or freezer. A proper cleaning routine helps maintain food safety and quality, keeps the kitchen organised, and prolongs the appliance’s life. Frequent cleaning reduces the possibility of mould growth which can increase the electrical consumption of the device. Try to clean monthly and consider recruiting a professional to assist with regular servicing, which will increase the lifespan of your refrigeration appliances.

These steps should ensure that you can enjoy your refrigeration appliances for a long time. If you’re ready to upgrade your commercial food equipment, you can contact the team at The FED to assist.

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