The Latest Innovations and Trends in the World of Food Display

Food display with salads and drinks

Food is about so much more than taste. Over the last few decades, many more people have realized how important presentation and display are for food sales – especially now that self-service options are on the rise and more food service locations offer some ready-made or grab-and-go options. Finding the right commercial restaurant equipment to capitalize on these trends is important—but what does the public expect to see today?

Trends change continually, but here’s a look at the latest innovations in display that food service providers should consider when setting up their locations.

Micro Markets Continue to Grow in Popularity

More food service establishments are adopting increasing levels of self-service functionality. Micro market displays are an excellent example of this trend. These spaces include refrigerated display cases featuring food, beverages and sometimes even fresh products. The combination of all these options creates a micro market. The refrigerated cases provide many opportunities for creating pleasing and eye-catching food displays.

Grab N’ Go Coolers Make Products More Immediate

In line with self-service trends, doorless refrigerated units, or Grab N’ Go Coolers, have also increased in popularity. These appear in many places, reflecting their trendiness. For example, a small unit with some beverages or dessert options might be next to a point-of-sale machine. Taller units offer opportunities to display several beverages or pre-made items customers can grab and take straight to checkout.

Some Trends Support Sustainability

Many consumers today want to buy from brands that practice sustainability. To that end, food display has changed somewhat to respond to these demands. Using bulk bins to display large product quantities is one step some stores have taken to help reduce packaging waste. Simpler displays drawing direct attention to the food items—instead of the setting around them—are also on the rise.

Classic Display Fridges and Freezers Still Get the Job Done

Despite all the innovations, many customers still respond well to traditional displays in refrigerated and frozen units. Some convenience store chains have experimented with digital product displays, using LED screens in unit doors to display the contents inside. However, this innovation has struggled to gain traction because it does not immediately provide consumers with the information they want: what’s really in the unit and how much of it. Traditional commercial food equipment for food display can still be as effective as new and trendy designs.

Find the Suitable Equipment to Remain Ahead of the Trends

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