Finding the Ideal Waffle Cone Maker for Your Business

Various ice cream flavours in waffle cones

Ice cream is undoubtedly one of the world’s favorite treats, and for good reason. If you run an ice cream parlour or cafe, you will have seen first-hand how much people love this treat, and more than that, how specific they can get about how they prefer it. One of the ways people customize their ice cream eating experience is through their choice of cone, whether wafer, sugar, cake, or waffle cones.

Today we are looking specifically at waffle cones and how easy it is to add this delicious option to your business. We aim to assist you with choosing the right waffle cone maker and provide options for where you can buy one.

Before we begin, here are some quick reasons why waffle cones are a good serving choice:

  • It adds a delightful crunch to the cone.
  • A deliciously sugary option that goes incredibly well with ice cream.
  • Easy to make with the right equipment.

What You Need From a Commercial Waffle Cone Machine

We will first discuss the basics, namely, which features you want from commercial waffle cone makers. We have compiled a quick list of essential features:

The Right Size

Waffle cone makers come in different sizes, so finding a size that works for you and your customers is a good starting point. Since machines come in fixed sizes, choosing the right one initially is vital, unless you plan to buy multiple machines, of course.

High-Quality Materials

The best waffle cone makers use materials that make it easy to remove the fried batter. The best option, without a doubt, is newer models that utilize reliable non-stick coatings.

Revolving Design

Another excellent feature of waffle cone makers is the ability to rotate the cone baker once closed. This feature adds tremendous quality of life to the machine by allowing you to turn the plate after pouring the batter, allowing for a beautifully even bake.

Adjustable Controls for Perfect Baking

Everyone knows there is a perfect baking point for waffles, and the same is true for waffle cones. You want the right amount of crisp and colour, making a feature to control the browning essential. Once you become familiar with the optimal settings for your specific batter consistencies, you will produce the finest waffle cones around.

Electronic Indicators

As with typical waffle makers, most commercial waffle cone makers should have lights indicating when the batter is ready to be removed. These lights will certainly make the kitchen rush a little more manageable.

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