Top Five Must-Have Features in Restaurant Range Ovens

Chef cooking over fire on range oven top

Nearly every commercial restaurant operates with ovens to prepare food correctly. When you buy restaurant equipment, you ideally want reliable quality that meets your needs. Understanding which features are must-haves versus nice-to-have can help you quickly find your new commercial burners.

To assist you in buying the right quality equipment, consider the following must-have features for commercial ovens:

1. Premium Materials

The material composition of your restaurant equipment is always something to consider when buying for a commercial kitchen. The most common high-grade material is stainless steel, which adds a clean aesthetic and durability. The three main reasons you want commercial-grade stainless steel on your equipment are:

  • Increased durability means you get an increased lifespan from your ovens.
  • You can expect a much easier clean.
  • Stainless steel is also fire, heat, and corrosion resistant.

2. Capacity and Size of Your Oven

Finding ovens that meet your kitchen’s requirements for size and capacity is crucial. Equipment that fits into your kitchen but lacks the required capacity is pointless. The same is true the other way around. There’s no point in appliances that provide all the capacity you need but won’t fit into the kitchen.

An optimal capacity in your oven means you can prepare more food, which means your kitchen has better turnaround times. It’s a simple but important benefit.

3. User-Friendly Design is Key

Another important feature of commercial burners is how user-friendly the design, interface, and features are overall. The easier your equipment is to understand and use, the faster you can expect integration of new staff. Your meal prep times also benefit from easier-to-use equipment since kitchen staff will be less likely to experience accidents.

A specific user-friendly feature we recommend looking for is precise and easy temperature control.

4. Environmentally Conscious Design

While not a necessity, it’s certainly better to implement equipment in your kitchen that is more energy efficient. Most modern commercial ovens are now designed to be more energy efficient, so you likely won’t have to look far.

Saving on energy bills while also helping the environment is a win-win in any kitchen.

5. Oven and Stove Combo

While this feature might seem obvious, there are many ovens that do not provide stoves as well. Having both in a single appliance saves space, money, and prep time. However, it’s worth noting that there are two main types of commercial oven and stovetop combos to consider, namely:

  • Gas: Allows for instantaneous heat generation and much faster heat removal. These also often include multiple burners, a griddle top from 24” to 60”, or a combination of both. You can expect these in either natural gas or liquid propane options.
  • Induction: Highly efficient heat transfer and surfaces never get hot.

Naturally, each stove type has drawbacks, but that’s a story for a different article.

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