Exploring the Benefits of Using a Salamander Broiler in Your Restaurant

Salamander Broiler

There is plenty of heavy-duty kitchen equipment to explore, but today, we focus on the salamander broiler. Let’s delve into precisely what this device is, its expected benefits, and where you can find it.

What is a Salamander Broiler?

First things first – what is broiling? It refers to a food preparation method of placing food close to the heating element to brown, char, or caramelize it quickly. It provides meals with more intricate flavours and creates excellent textures for the perfect mouth feel.

These devices use infrared ceramic broilers for several applications, from grilling the perfect crackling on a pork chop to melting cheese flawlessly onto dishes like casseroles. Place these standalone appliances on a countertop or mount them to a wall.

Salamander broilers take up little space and are usually not much bigger than a microwave. These appliances also offer higher heat capacity than broiling inside ovens and can handle numerous tasks.

Benefits of Using Salamander Broiler Cooking Equipment

These devices offer a few benefits to your kitchen, whether you operate on strict food schedules or have the same dishes available all day. Here is a list of the benefits you’re likely to experience the most when using these devices:

Fast Turnaround Times

Given the heat capacity of these devices, you can expect fast turnaround times. Naturally, fast service is always better in a commercial kitchen, busy or otherwise. The heat settings are also easy to adjust, from gentle broiling to severe heat, depending on what you need.

Clears Up Space

A salamander broiler is a much smaller device than an oven, so it takes up less space. However, the leading spatial benefit comes from not using an oven to broil dishes. Once the food is ready for the broiler, remove it from the oven and transfer it to the salamander broiler.

Variety of Uses

Salamander broilers work well for many tasks – here are some examples:

  • Melting cheese onto a casserole.
  • Caramelizing sugar on desserts.
  • Toasting sandwiches to a mouth-watering crunch level.
  • Creating that sought-after crispy finish for steaks or other meat.

Where Can You Find Commercial Salamander Broilers?

At The FED, we offer an extensive collection of commercial kitchen appliances, including salamander broilers. Our Atosa ATSB-36 Salamander Broiler is for sale with a wall mount kit or brackets. These devices only have a one-minute preheat time, are entirely stainless steel, and have dual valve controls for independent operation of the left and right sides.

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