What Special Restaurant Equipment Do Restaurants Use and Why?

Commercial Kitchen

With the food industry being the global giant it is, it’s no surprise that knowing what restaurant equipment to use can quickly become overwhelming. Understanding which pieces of equipment can serve which purpose in your future – or current – restaurant can help keep everything in order and business booming.

Understanding the Three Main Categories of Commercial Food Equipment

The first – and most important – thing to understand is the different categories of equipment available to restaurants. When you know the categories, it becomes much simpler to figure out what your restaurant needs to become the thriving establishment you desire.

  1. Every restaurant needs a way to keep things chilled. Refrigeration plays a massive role in the food industry, keeping ingredients fresher for longer and even allowing some chefs to prep certain dishes – such as desserts – in advance. Various cooling units, from upright glass door fridges to deli fridges, help keep the industry’s food fresh and delectable. Just the way we like it.
  2. When it’s time to prepare the food, you want reliable heat. Many dishes require heat during preparation, so having a reliable cooktop is a crucial asset. Different heat sources such as deep fryers, gas burners, broiler cooktops, and more allow us to create dishes that would otherwise be impossible to master in a restaurant setting.
  3. Sometimes we need a little help with preparation. Whether you’re at your busiest during breakfast time because of your famous breakfast waffles or spend most of your time preparing delicious salads, the right preparatory tools make things easier. With the technology available today, restaurants utilize mechanical assistance wherever possible to help accomplish tasks such as slicing meat to consistent cuts, mixing ingredients for baking, and working on tabletops that double up as fridges to keep the ingredients at hand.

Which of These Pieces of Commercial Food Equipment Do You Need?

Not every chef needs every piece of restaurant equipment available to do an excellent job at keeping customers’ bellies full and smiles wide. It’s always important to consider that you may need different commercial food equipment than others. For instance, establishments with no deep-fried items on the menu don’t need a deep fryer.

Since some pieces of equipment are much larger than others, space is also something you should actively keep in mind when planning your first kitchen layout or when considering upgrades to the cooking space. A new countertop won’t do much for you if it can’t fit into your small kitchen.

If you ever have questions regarding restaurant equipment and how to get your hands on it, why not consider dropping into our online store? We have a wide range of items for every category and can gladly assist you with choosing the right equipment for your specific restaurant requirements.

Whether you’re just starting up or upgrading an established locally loved eatery, you should always consider the best restaurant equipment for the job to help you get more value from your time in the kitchen.